Here Are The 5 Most Important Things About Renting A House At Put-in-Bay, Ohio


When contemplating Renting A House At Put-in-Bay likely the single most important factor is the location! There are a few areas on the island that allow commercial rentals however most of these are located over a mile from the popular downtown area.

If you’re not in town each time you and your group want to run into eat, shop, visit the carryout store or enjoy the nightlife it is a $3.00 or $4.00 per person trip each way! Over the course of your vacation, this can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars!  Put-in-Bay Villas are the island’s only rental homes downtown and feature 4 and 5 bedroom units. And let’s talk about Bathrooms! Every rental home has at least 3 full bathrooms! This alone makes Renting a House At Put-in-Bay super convenient with groups!

Put-in-Bay’s best location is just a one block walk to the Put-in-Bay Restaurants & nightlife No Taxi Needed! Your just a quick walk to everything! Shopping, attractions, and the lively Put-in-Bay Docks & Marina!


Many rental homes require you to haul your own sheets towels & linens! You’re on VACATION who wants to mess around with that? Rental homes sleep 8 to 12 people and having to bring all that now means carrying a heavy load or being forced to bring a vehicle over. This can delay arrival or departure on the Put-In-Bay Ferry by as much as 3 hours each way not to mention how expensive it is to bring a car to the island that once here you won’t even use!

All of our downtown Put-in-Bay rental homes come with sheets, towels, and linens and are refreshed by request during your stay. Pool Towels for the swim-up bar & grill are provided as well! Relax, You’re on VACATION!


Once again “You’re on vacation” And you deserve more than just a place to sleep. First-time visitors quickly learn the swim-up bar is one must-have amenity and when Renting A House At Put-in-Bay being across the street from the island’s most popular swim-up bar is convenient and cost-free! For those booking our downtown rental homes, you will also enjoy a well-equipped gym facility, hot tub, tanning beds, free high-speed internet, and breakfast!

Bathrooms? YES, when you have 8+ people trying to get ready for that night out on the town make sure you have AT LEAST 3 FULL BATHROOMS in your Rental Home. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the last two people to be ready to head into town.


We’ve addressed how much you will save not needing a taxi while Renting A House At Put-in-Bay downtown but what about breakfast? With the average cost of breakfast $12.00 per person on the island, most of our rental homes include breakfast every day but Saturday! In fact, ALL of our rental homes include convenient BBQ grills for you and your group to enjoy a home-cooked meal if you desire! You will save hundreds of dollars between meals, taxis, and lose the aggravation of bringing sheets, linens, blankets & towels! It’s YOUR vacation and IT’S WORTH IT!


If you are an experienced Put-in-Bay Vacationer you already know how difficult, time-consuming, aggravating  (and expensive) it can be to take a taxi in and out of town each time you need to get back to your rental. Trying to keep the group all together can be a real challenge! With your downtown Put-in-Bay Home Rentals, you are just a block away from home! You can even rent a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental right when you arrive!

For the best rental home options call the central reservation center at 888-742-7829 Downtown Homes sells out fast!