Alfred Parker Park

Picture of Alfred Parker Park1119 West Shore Blvd.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

Alfred Parker Park Put-in-Bay’s Smallest Park

Put-in-Bay is home to more parks per mile than most. They range in size from large to less than a half-acre. Each offers its contribution to the system and view. The smallest on the island is the beautiful Captain Alfred Parker Park, which measures .45 acre.  it’s Located on the western side of South Bass Island just past the DuPont Avenue/West Shore Boulevard intersection, it offers expansive views out over Lake Erie. Walking, It’s It’s about a thirty-minutes from downtown Put-in-Bay. On your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental, it’s about a five-minute ride from town.

Alfred Parker Park Particulars

Captain Alfred Parker was the Captian of a famous Put-in-Bay ferry and was a Put-in-Bay Township trustee for over 30 years. The parks dedicated to the memory of his service.

Upon arrival, visitors will find a low wooden barrier, and Its purpose is to prevent golf carts from riding through the park. The park area is covered with lush green, well-tended grass. Large, well-developed trees spread out over the grassy areas offering shady spots to sit and enjoy the view or a picnic. The picnic tables near the top of the limestone bluff are for your enjoyment.

This peaceful spot is ideal for sitting and reading and enjoying the scenic views. Bring a small picnic lunch from one of our Put-in-Bay Restaurants, a bottle of wine from Heineman’s Winery, and enjoy a sunny day at Alfred Parker Park. Most of the seating areas offer a view of the beautiful greenery and limestone cliffs.

Green Island

In the distance, you can see Green Island. The tiny Green Island is 17-acres and maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is not open to the public and has been designated a wildlife preserve. Many years ago, the island served as the home to a lighthouse constructed in 1855. Colonel Charles F. Drake operated it. On the Year’s Eve, 1863, the lighthouse burnt to the ground.  A newly reconstructed lighthouse survived until 1939. Currently, In the modern-day, The United States Coast Guard operates a  tower that can be seen from the park Alfred Parker Park.

Green Island is one of the natural wonders, and Put-in-Bay Attractions visitors may enjoy vacationing on South Bass Island. Water access is not available but is for those on foot. A chain-link fence surrounds the bluff. In recent years, lovers have converted the fence into a symbol of love by adding their love locks. Kayaks offer the best view of the South Bass Island shoreline. You can rent one from Kayak the Bay and approach Alfred Parker Park by boat. A narrow pebble beach at the base of the bluff offers the best access. The quality of access also depends on water levels.

Benson Ford Ship house

Kayakers can also enjoy the views of the Benson Ford Ship house. This 612-foot ship transported iron ore and other materials across the Great Lakes in its heyday. For many years, it sat unused at the docks. Decades later, a barge carried it to South Bass Island in 1986. The owner, Frank J. Sullivan, decided to transform the forecastle section into his home.

The current owners are father and son Jerry and Bryan Kasper.  They purchased the Benson Ford Ship house in 1999. Open for tours; the structure includes a large family room, five bedrooms, and the pilothouse, which offers spectacular views of the sunset. The woodwork is merely stunning.