BiPlane Rides – Soar Over Put-in-Bay & The Lake Erie Islands

Picture of the Put-in-Bay BiPlane Rides1494 Langram Rd.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Put-in-By Bi-Plane Ride

Thrilling BiPlane Rides At the Put-in-Bay Airport!

Located on the southwestern half of South Bass Island, you’ll find the Put-in-Bay Airport and the home of Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides. These thrilling rides are offered in meticulously restored open-cockpit Waco airplanes. These holdovers from the World War II era can transport you and one passenger with one of the best safety records of any aircraft.

Your personal pilot/instructor can fly you around the stunning South Bass Island Coastline, with longer trips available for a fee. Enjoy incredible views of  Middle Bass Island, South Bass Island, Kelley’s Island, and mainland Port Clinton.

Biplane Rides Packages

• Flight Lessons
• Smooth Scenic & Photo Op Rides
• Aerobatic Thrills (At the Pilots Discretion)

Have you ever thought about taking a flight lesson? Allow your instructor to demonstrate some basics, and then you take over the controls. Flying is something most of us only dream of, and Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides can help you cross it off the bucket list!

The scenic and photo-op rides are simply stunning. Your highly skilled instructor departs from one of the two runways at the Put-in-Bay Airport and expertly positions the plane along the coastlines of the Lake Erie Islands. You’ll observe Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument from a totally new angle! Try to spot your favorite Put-in-Bay Hotels from the shape of their pools!

Weather permitting, a few Aerobatic Thrills are always exciting and fun. Each flight is customized to each passenger’s preferences. Be sure to let your pilot know what you would like to experience before departing!  No reservations are required. Each ride is a first-come, first-served. With weather permitting, each trip is roughly $160 per quarter-hour. Custom packages for longer flights are available. Just check with your pilot.

Put-in-Bay Airport Details

The Put-in-Bay Airport is open year-round from dawn to dusk. Small to mid-size aircraft can easily access the Put-in-Bay Airport. The runways are paved and modern but unlit. No departures are allowed after dark. Many questions may be answered on our Airport FAQ page.

You should expect some light turbulence on approach when the wind exceeds 10 knots. All aircraft must remain at least 1000 feet from Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument. The 352 ft column is located 1.5 miles east of the field with an elevation of 942 MSL. No fuel service is offered at this airport. You may fuel up at nearby Port Clinton airport PCW. Put-in-Bay Airport provides charter services to the mainland and surrounding islands. There are vending machines and bathrooms. Aircraft parking is by a fee, and Major credit cards are accepted.

Other Events & Attractions At The Airport

After your BiPlane Rides, let’s scratch another one off the bucket list! Hop aboard the Put-in-Bay Helicopter Flights and choose from either the White Tour or Blue Tour. The White Tour is a spectacular journey over South Bass Island and distant scenic views of Cedar Point and nearby Port Clinton. The Blue Tour takes passengers over several of the Lake Erie Islands. If you are considering purchasing some Put-in-Bay Real Estate, it’s a great way to get an ariel view of the property!

Helicopter Tour Pricing

• White BiPlane Rides Tour: $59.99 per person with a two-passenger minimum
• Blue BiPlane Rides Tour: $89.99 per person with a two-passenger minimum

Put-in-Bay Road Races At The Airport

The Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion is two days of vintage road races at the Put-in-Bay airport., These races provide fun and challenging courses for pros as well as amateurs. Win prizes have some refreshments and music, as well as the company of both racers and spectators.

The Put-in-Bay Pilots Association 3W2 FLY-IN combines car and plane enthusiasts into a fun one-day-long event. The Put-in-Bay Antique Car Parade also meets up at the airport for a good old-fashioned pig roast and fixings to end the day!