Dodge Woods Preserve

Dodge Woods Preserve -A  3.5 acre property full of beauty and natural wonder.

Open to the public from dusk to dawn, the Dodge Woods Preserve protects a portion of the habitat of South Bass for all to enjoy. A beautiful place to relax and read, enjoy nature, or share a family picnic.

Dodge Woods Preserve Location

At the Langram and Thompson Road intersection, the preserve is a short walk from Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center, Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center, and the Put-in-Bay airport.  The Put-in-Bay Resort is also very close by.

Put-in-Bay is a nature lovers paradise. It has a well-deserved reputation for an island that loves its preserves! The Put-in-Bay Township Park District purchased this park with Clean Ohio Conservation Fund Grant. Matching funds were provided by the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy,John Dodge,  and the John Ladd family.

Dodge Woods Preserve Particulars

A winding nature trail takes visitors through the dense forest. The trails well marked with a healthy covering of wood trips. The trail loops around the exterior of the park and can be easily traversed by folks of all ages and fitness levels.

A brochure rack, bench, bicycle rack, and donation box has designated for future development at the trailhead. Adjacent to the bicycle path on the island, a host of updates is also planned. These include areas for visitors to rest while biking along the route. No Motorized vehicles (including golf carts) or camping is permitted at any time. This is an ideal area for nature photography, hiking, scientific study, and bird watching.

The site of a former vineyard, Dodge Woods Preserve, is a young forest. While flora and fauna are growing at a rapid pace, It will take several more years before it’s fully peaked. It is under the care of the preserves dedicated team, including Nicky Fresch, Matt Luecke, and Richard Gump. Ken Farber designined the layout.

Tree Species at Dodge Woods Preserve

• Eastern Red Cedar
• Black Walnut
• Common Hackberry
• Black Cherry
• Mulberry
• Wild Grape
• Kentucky Coffeetree
• Sedges
• Herbaceous Plants
• Fruit Trees
• Recently Planted Conifers

Wildflower Species

• Goldenrod
• Short’s Aster
• False Solomon’s Seal
• Tall Bellflower
• Wild Leeks
• Enchanted Nightshade
• Bloodroot
• Virginia Waterleaf
• Buttercups
• Enchanted Nightshade

Dodge Woods Preserve Is For Nature Lovers

Due to the wide variety of this habitat, spring migration of birds marks the arrival of many bird species.  Put-in-Bay has long been home to bird enthusiasts each Spring.

The Dodge Woods Preserve is the perfect spot to enjoy the natural fauna of the Lake Erie Islands. Put-in-Bay is also home to other parks, nature trails, and preserves. For those who love being outside, there’s always plenty to do.

The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center, the Aquatics Visitor Center, and Stone Laboratory are great places to visit and learn more about the environment. They are dedicated to maintaining the health of Lake Erie and the Lake Erie Islands and offer amazing educational experiences.

Take a Gibraltar Island Tour for something extra special. It’s best done with Kayak the Bay. This island isn’t always open to the public, so be sure to ask. Green Island is also strictly a wildlife preserve and closed to tourism.