Jane Coates Wildflower Trail – One Of Natures Gifts To Put-in-Bay

The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail and preserve is a half-mile loop located on the south end of South Bass Island. Lushly filled with gorgeous wildflowers everywhere you look and migratory birds singing in the trees, this oasis is a unique Put-in-Bay Attraction.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Particulars

April and May offer the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail park’s most vibrant blooms, but the lushly landscaped park and trails are beautiful all summer long. The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail connects three acres of woods adjacent to the Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods. The Clean Ohio Conservation Fund in committed a grant in 2007 and was combined with funds from a private donor to fund the project. The goal was to protect this part of the island from further development.

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy is responsible for maintaining the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail wooded area as well as the trails. Often times volunteers can be seen cleaning the path and attending to the areas. It is a labor of love for many islanders who work together to understand the importance of maintaining the natural beauty of South Bass Island and Put-in-Bay.

Jane Coates was a beloved island artist, and this trial memorializes her memory. Its floral beauty celebrates her love of the island’s wildlife and fauna.

Along the wooded Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Trail, you will find a mix of native flowers and foliage.  Blue Ash, Sugar Maple, Basswood, Common Hackberry, and Black Cheery are easily found. Wildflowers like Jack in the Pulpit Dutchman’s Breeches and Blue Phlox are present in the spring. There are also Wild Hyacinths and Appendaged Waterleaf. The sweet white flowers of the Dutchman’s Breeches completely cover the ground in the spring.

This is an ideal place to watch migratory birds, walk in the woods, enjoy wildlife, and enjoy this peaceful location.

The Birds of the Lake Erie Islands

Visitors to Jane Coates Wildflower Trail can often spot the numerous bird species of South Bass Island. Migratory birds and their annual passage through the area bring birding enthusiasts from all over the county to Put-in-Bay. An annual birding count is performed from this location each year.

Tom Bartlett has compiled a list of birds frequently seen at Put-in-Bay with data from the Pelee Island Bird Observatory, Kelleys Island Audubon, P, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, and his years of bird banding birds on the Erie Islands.

Bird Species

• Scarlet Tanager
• Eastern Bluebird
• Western Meadowlark
• Clay Colored Sparrow
• Worm Eating Warblers
• Horned Larks

The wooded areas of South Bass Island Parks are also home to several species of amphibians and reptiles. Naturally, wet woods provide necessary feeding, breeding, and overwintering spots for many animals. Temporary breeding pools found here in spring are known as vernal pools. Animals like the American Toad Blandings Turtle and Salamanders can be spotted throughout the Lake Erie Islands.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Nearby Attractions

The very southern tip of the island can feel a world’s away from the bustling downtown Put-in-Bay. With lovely trails and wooded areas, this is the perfect place for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Once you’re done with your stroll along the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail, there are several Put-in-Bay Restaurants nearby to refuel. The Goat has long been an island favorite. With an extensive drink menu and savory, hearty food, the Chocolate Factory on the first floor is a great place to relax! DJ’s Ice Cream is a little bit up the road as well. This is always an excellent choice for a romantic dinner or a friend’s date night.