Kimberly’s Carousel – Because We’re All Kids At Heart!

Picture of Kimberly's Carousel160 Delaware Ave.
Put-In-Bay, Ohio 434556
Kimberly’s Carousel

Kimberly’s Carousel is Fun For All Ages!

Over 100 years ago, Kimberly’s Carousel was constructed by the  Allan Herschell company. The vintage carousel looks much the same today at Put-in-Bay as it did when built. This popular attraction arrived at Put-in-Bay in 1917 and has been meticulously maintained. Over 500,000 children have ridden the colorful ride with an authentic music box playing along. The brightly colored horses, fish, and other animals circle around the white and red striped canopy.

Kimberly’s Carousel is one of the few remaining carousels of its kind still in operation. Kids and adults alike flock to this island landmark. Many families return with their children to relive fond memories of their childhood. You can ride a pig, chicken, or even a fish! Several circular sit-down areas are a part of the ride as well for the less adventurous at heart,

Kimberly’s Carousel History

The Allan Herschell Company was a well know and famous manufacturer of carousels as well as various other amusement park rides. One of their specialties was a carousel built for traveling carnivals. It is estimated that over 3000 of these handmade carousels were produced early in the 20th century. It is unknown how many are still in use today, but they are rare, to be sure. The craftsmanship of the horses was unparalleled at the time.

Throughout the years, Kimberly’s Carousel suffered from lack of care and proper maintenance and was purchased by local businessman George Stober whose family at the time owned the Cresent, The Candy Bar, and still operates Frosty Pizza today. After working with his wife, June, in the 1980s, they restored the carousel to its former glory.

Of the 36 original horses on Kimberly’s Carousel, only 12 remained together, with most of the paint worn away from the surface. New animals were added, including Petey, the Perch. June Stober personally painted many of the new animals. A real labor of love, the couple understood that Kimberly’s Carousel was and remained an important part of Put-in-Bay History.

Where to Find Kimberly’s Carousel 

Delaware Avenue is the main street in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. Walking towards the Perry Peace Memorial, you will likely hear the pipe organ before seeing the carousel. Two sweet spots are located on either side of the carousel.

The  Candy Bar is well known for its many flavors of homemade fudge. You will find many of your childhood favorite candies, from Lemonheads to Red Hots, available for purchase. In the rear of the store is a popular ice cream shop where hand-dipped cones and sundaes are popular.

The Village Bakery and Cafe serves both breakfast and lunch, but they are well known for their homemade pastries creations. This is one of the local favorites to start the day with their popular fresh ground coffee brew!

Across the street, you’ll find DeRivera Park, one of the many Put-in-Bay Parks. This centrally located park is a great place to spend the afternoon. Picnic tables and charcoal BBQ pits make it an ideal cookout location. Public showers, restrooms, and lockers are also available on-site.

How about a little Put-in-Bay shopping? Some of the island’s best boutiques and gift stores are just a short walk away. The Carriage House is the island’s largest souvenir shop. The charming green Victorian-style building sells some of the best Put-in-Bay goodies.

If your looking for clothing or the latest fashion statements, Lovella and Misty Bay Boutique are must-see shops! These upscale boutiques feature women’s clothing and swimsuits. Sunstoppers sunglasses showcase the latest in eyewear fashion for a fresh poolside look! Just spending the day walking around Put-in-Bay is entertaining!