The Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub – Ride Along Sing Along!

Picture of Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub218 Delaware Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

The Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub

Enjoy Put-in-Bay on a unique bicycle built for 16! This pedal offers unique tours of South Bass Island, complete with a fun, party-like atmosphere. You’ll even get some exercise!

Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub Particulars

There are several 2-hour tours to choose from and pedal, along with family and friends. It’s an excellent activity for Batchelor & Bachelorette parties as well! Wedding Parties and family reunions are also often seen enjoying the ride. The Rolling Pub tours include stopping at many of the island’s hot spots, like the Blue Marlin Bar & Grill, along the way, so you get your fill!

The comfortable seats on the rolling pub, along with surround sound music, USB charging ports, seatbacks, and a misting system are pedal-powered by the riders. You can connect your phone to be the DJ to your experience through their onboard Bluetooth system. An LED light system ensures safety and style while you pedal from bar to bar. An electric assist motor helps peddle if you get tired!

The bike is operated by the Tour Driver. You are in excellent hands with these knowledgeable and fun folks. The seats are very comfortable and include plenty of room for your cooler, so be sure to bring along your favorite non-alcoholic refreshments along!

All of the tours depart from Boathouse Bar and Grill on Hartford Avenue. Check-in at least 30 minutes before departure.

Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub Tours

While you can design your adventure, Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub Tours are exciting and appealing to many different interests. These are, by far, their most popular options. Tours all start at $25.

The principal tours include:

• Island Bar Bounce Tour
• Parks & Scenic Tours
• Exercise Expeditions
• Culinary Crawls
• Wine Tours

The Rolling Pub can modify any of the above trips to suit your preferences. The Culinary and Bar Crawls can be perfectly catered to your group’s tastes. Let them know your favorite foods, and they will take you to local restaurants such as Hooligans Pub, The Goat Soup & Whiskey, Old Forge Creperie, or Joes’ Bar & Grill. The Bar Tour has limitless options. There are many to choose from on South Bass Island! Your group will have the time of their lives! The Winery Tours take you to the best of Put-in-Bay Winery’s from Heineman’s to the Put-in-Bay Winery.

How About A Little Exercise?

Try an early morning Exercise Expeditions where you spend most of the time on the Rolling Pub, getting in a great workout as well as enjoying the local scenery. You can stop and stretch or do a little yoga at one of the many parks and protected wildlife areas. The Scenic Parks Tours are educational as well as beautiful, taking pedalers to the historical island attractions such as Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial and the numerous wildlife preserves around the island.

Other options include:

• Dinner Tours – Perfect for families and large groups such as couples or holiday-focused events
• Mystery and narrated historical tours
• Comedy Tours
• Holiday Events
• Exercised focused rides
• Scavenger Hunt Events
• Sunday-Funday – Mimosas, and brunch with friends.

These are slightly more out of the norm, so make sure to reach out to them with plenty of time to design a trip specifically for your group.

Be sure to include a ride on the Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub during your time on South Bass Island. You’ll have a riot with your friends and enjoy seeing beautiful Put-in-Bay island in a fun yet comfortable environment.

See The Island Differently

Explore all the Put-In-Bay Attractions and the local hot spots. It’s your chance to enjoy the laid-back island lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of tours daily that showcase only the island’s best restaurants, bars, parks, museums, historic landmarks, and the many other events and amenities Put-In-Bay has to offer.