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Ohio State Stone Laboratory

Stone Laboratory _ Fun & Educational For All Ages

Stone Laboratory is a part of Ohio State University’s Lake Erie island campus at Put-in-Bay South Bass Island, Ohio. The University hosts 25+ college-credit courses and workshops each summer. South Bass Island is located right on the banks of Lake Erie. Students and professionals are all welcome to enroll in classes on the island.

Ohio State Stone Laboratory Particulars

From introductory courses and workshops that are open to working professionals and job seekers, Stone Laboratory is well versed in Lake Erie. Scholarships for both high school and college students are offered.  College-level students can also apply to be lab assistants in exchange for free room and board.

Funded by the Ohio Sea Grant, the laboratory has operated for over 30 years, and This critical grant has worked to protect the Great Lakes environment and specifically Lake Erie. Ohio Sea Grants Strategic Plan, in combination with Stone Labs is focused on four areas:

• Aquaculture
• Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
• Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development.
• Resilient Communities and Economies,
• Sustainable Fisheries
• Aquaculture

These four address both national and local priorities.

The continuous economic growth of this region is, in part, based on a healthy environment. The area has seen a growth in tourism thanks to the inroads made in the health of Lake Erie. Fishing and boating in Lake Erie and at Put-in-Bay are some of the most important and enjoyable things about visiting the island.

Introductory Course Offerings

• Introduction to Biological Studies – Local Plants
• Lake Erie Sportfishing
• Ecology and Conservation of Birds
• Field-Based Oceanography

To qualify for these Sone Lab courses, high school students need to have completed their sophomore year. The completion of one class of environmental science or biology before the course start date is required.

Stone Laboratory Upper-Level Course Offerings

• Water Quality Management
• Evolution
• Field Herpetology
• Spider Biology
• Field Zoology

Be sure to double-check to see if you are qualified to take these courses, which require at least 12 semester credit hours.

Workshop Offerings

• Algae Identification Workshop
• Workshop in Environmental Education: Water and Wildlife Training for Educators
• Lake Erie Sportfishing Workshop
• Fish Aging Workshop
• Seminar in Environmental Education: Water and Wildlife Training for Educators

These courses are offered as non-credit workshops for those wishing to expand their base of knowledge. Professional development courses for educators are also offered.

Stone Laboratory Research

The research conducted at Stone Laboratory is what helps keep the Lake Erie Islands Region safe and clean. The research efforts of the labs here have vastly improved the health of Lake Erie. The scholarship program offers students experiences in field research with top scientists. There is fierce competition for these, which also includes meals, room & board, and in-state tuition.


You can find the Ohio State Stone Laboratory near the Aquatic Visitor Center, a popular Put-in-Bay Attraction. Nearby you will also see Oak Point State Park and Kayak the Bay. This western side of Put-in-Bay offers visitors a wide range of activities aimed at environmental interests. Just offshore, you can also see Gibraltar Island where tours are also provided.

The Aquatics Visitor Center is an excellent location for kids to enjoy workshops. Check out their website to learn about their programs. The more we know about our environment, the better we can protect it and keep it preserved for future generations.