War Of 18 Holes Miniture Golf

Picture of War Of 18 Holes979 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
War Of 18 Holes

The War Of 18 Holes – Educational Family Fun!

The War of 18 Holes is a challenging mini-golf course complete with a unique mix of fun and education. Players learn historical facts about the War of 1812 and South Bass Island Put-in-Bay while playing each hole.

War of 18 Holes Particulars

The course itself is landscaped with lush greenery and surrounded by a garden of hostas, azaleas, rhododendrons, and many other varieties of flowers. Numerous 100+-year-old shade trees keep the area cool on even the hottest of summer days. Mini- Golfers will enjoy the well-maintained grounds while they play. Challenge yourself and friends maneuvering through hazards such as the waterfall cave, covered bridge, and numerous winding paths. There is a covered bridge, a waterfall cave, and winding paths. Kids and adults alike will love it.

Each challenging hole teaches the player a historical fact about Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and the War of 1812. Important events and turning points are highlighted along the 18 hole course. This battle was instrumental to the eventual defeat of the British and America as we know it today.

It played a major role in the victory of the Battle of Lake Erie and the war in general. This battle was pivotal both to Put-in-Bay’s increased visibility to the rest of the country and as a turning point to the war. The War of 18 Holes makes learning about such an essential event in the island’s history quite fun!

The Family Fun Center At Perry’s Cave

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is exactly what its name says, the epicenter of fun at Put-in-Bay. Families, bachelorette parties, corporate groups, and seniors enjoy the numerous offerings in this sprawling complex. From cave tours to rock wall climbing, there is something for everyone here!

Package deals for the attractions as well as group discounts to make the visit more affordable. Individual ticket prices vary by attraction but range $8 – $10. If you plan on visiting several of the attractions and exhibits, the group package is the sure way to go!

Located just a little more than a mile from the downtown Put-in-Bay main strip, a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental is the best way to arrive and get around the area. Larger carts are available that seat up to 8 people. There are several attractions nearby, such as Heineman’s Winery, the famous South Bass Island State Park, and the deliciously sweet Chocolate Cafe. The Put-in-Bay Tour Train also makes this location a regular stop for picking up and dropping off on each tour the train makes.

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center Things To See

• The Butterfly House
• Parry’s Cave
• Gemstone Mining
• War of 18 Holes Mini Golf
• Rock Wall
• Fort aMaze’n
• DanDee’s Snack Shack
• Antique Car Museum

Get Ready, get set, Go! The Rock Wall received a major upgrade for the 2018 season! The wall is Challenging for both beginners and experts. The tower soars more than 25 ft in the air. Who will make it to the top first?!

Stop by the Antique Car Museum where you will see many of the same cars that appear in the weekly Sunday Car parade! The museum was founded by local car enthusiast and islander Charles “Skip” Duggan. The free attraction houses the island’s oldest known car and along with an impressive collection of related memorabilia.

The Gemstone Mining offers kids a thrilling do it yourself, hands-on experience. Participants purchase a bag of rough mix from the nearby gift shop. Using a pan as miners did, they wash over the sand and discover actual real gemstones and fossils for an insiders glimpse into the ecology of South Bass Island.

If you enjoy competition, try racing against your friends or yourself for a time in the challenging Fort aMaze’n. This maze is a real challenge! Non-participants can watch over your progress in the observation tower that rises over the maze where your friends can cheer or jeer you!

Make sure to visit the centerpiece of Perry’s, Perry’s Cave. This unique limestone cave is one of the reasons Put-in-Bay is so special. During the Battle of Lake Erie General Perry discovered the cave in 1813. Located 52 feet underground, Perry’s cave is home to a rare underground lake, which was much needed by Perry’s troops during the way.