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Put-In-Bay Dockage Marinas – What You Need T0 Know About Boating At Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Ohio offers several options for dockage marinas. There are both public and private docks for boats of all sizes. With a few exceptions, most dockage at Put-in-Bay is on a first-come-first-served basis. When possible, trying to arrive early on busy weekends and holidays is suggested. The village of Put-in-Bay, the commercial area, maintains three large boat docks in the downtown park area.

Two of the dockage marinas there are managed by the Put-in-Bay Village. The middle dock, known as the “B” dock, is managed by the DeRivera park trust. While utilizing Put-in-Bay’s public Dockage Marinas, you may be required to “raft off” from up to 2 to 3 vessels off the main boat dockside. Plan ahead and bring extra boat fenders, and always practice propers boat rafting. In particular, please use care when crossing other boaters’ vessels and keep noise at a minimum late at night.

Island Transportation While Using Dockage Marinas At Put-in-Bay

While docked at Put-in-Bay, golf cart rentals, bicycles, and mopeds may be rented for your transportation needs by the hour, day, or overnight for several days from Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals by booking online in advance. Reservations are suggested as oftentimes cart rentals are on a waiting list.

Put-in-Bay Public Boat Dockage Marinas Pricing Information

The Village of Put-in-Bay public docks, known as “A and C” docks, are priced by the midweek and weekend. The midweek daily and overnight rates are $2.00 to $2.25 per running foot. On weekends rates are $2.50 to $2.75 per running foot. Boat rafting is mandatory by the direction of the dock master. Your Jet skis and rubber rafts are permitted at an additional $10 charge per day. When you arrive in the harbor, hail the dockmaster on channel 9 for slip location and instructions.

DeRivera Park manages the center’s public dock, known as “B” dock. The midweek daily and overnight rates are $0.80 per running foot. Weekend rates are $1.95 per running foot. Rafting is mandatory at the direction of the dockmaster. All rubber rafts and Jet Skis are an additional $10 charge per day.

When you arrive, call the dockmaster on marine channel 9. Dockage fees are from arrival until 11:00 am the following day. A day pass may be purchased if you wish to stay longer than noon.

Peach Point Dockage at the Oak Point State Park, 1/4 mile west of the Public Docks, offers daily rates from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm for $15.00
You may stay overnight for $20.00 All boaters must register upon arrival. There are newly constructed bathroom facilities at the park.

Private Boat Dockage Marinas

The Boardwalk Docks are located at the Boardwalk waterfront restaurant complex in the downtown Put-in-Bay area. They are located next to the “A” dock, the westernmost dock, and the one location on the island to get boat fuel. Boat club members are served first, non-members by availability. When entering the downtown Put-in-Bay Dockage Marinas area, boaters are asked to contact the dockmaster on marine channel 10. The daily and overnight rates are $1.40 per running foot of boat length. There are no provisions for weekend reservations Their phone number is 419-285-6183

Park Place Boat Club Dockage Marinas

Park Place Boat club is located next to the “C” dock on the eastern side of the docks near the Jet Express Ferry Terminal and the Keys Restaurant. It isPhoto of Dockage Marinas Park Place Boat CLub at Put-in-Bay a member-boating club, and reservations are accepted when made by a member.  For information on becoming a member, please call 419-285-6183 When entering the harbor, contact the dockmaster on marine channel 10 when entering the harbor for further instruction and directions.
The inward boater and the dockmaster will determine when rafting is required. The annual membership fee is $700+tax.

Miller Marina Docks

The Miller Dockage & Marinas are located .25 miles west of the Boardwalk Docks, just past the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club. No reservations are accepted. The daily rate is $2.00 per running foot Overnight dockage rate is $2.50 per running foot Phone 419-285-5902

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is located .2 miles west of Mossbacks Restaurant and close to the downtown area. Their 124 pier is open to the public and is available by reservation only. The daily and overnight rates are $1.75 per running foot for non-members and for ILYA & AYC members. A day rate is $20 per day with a 4-hour maximum when space permits. The launch ramp is free to Put-in-Bay Yacht Club members as well as AYC and I-LYA clubs. There is a  $10.00 fee for non-members.  For reservations, call 419-285-4505

Public Mooring Buoys

Public Mooring Buoy Balls are located in the center of the harbor, directly in front of the Boardwalk restaurant. They are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Use is restricted to vessels of 52ft or less. Located on the western side of the Put-in-Bay harbor in front of the Boardwalk Restaurant. Available for watercraft 52 ft. or less. The midweek day rate is $25, the overnight rate is $30.00vWeekend day rate is $30, and the overnight rate is $40.00. The Red Top buoys are $30-$50, depending on the day and time. Transportation to and from shore is available by a water taxi operated by the Boardwalk Restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Dockage Marinas

What Do I Need To Do To Bring My Boat To Put-In-Bay2020-02-22T13:59:36+00:00

If you are planning on bringing your boat to Put-in-Bay we suggest that you bring extra fenders and lines. Most all docks and marinas require rafting off of other boats as many as 4 deep. These extra lines and fenders will help keep your boat securely tied off. You should also take into consideration the same with a water hose and power cords.

Can I have Alcohol On My Boat At Put-in-Bay2020-02-22T13:56:09+00:00

Yes, you can. The docks themselves do not permit open containers but you may enjoy your beverages on your private boat. There are local stores that sell beer & wine. There is no liquor store on the island.

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Golf Cart If I Am On A Boat2020-02-22T13:56:35+00:00

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts is located across the park from the Public Docks & Marinas and services all public and private marinas. Reservations are strongly suggested and may be made by calling 419-285-7427 Ample parking along the docks is available.

Is There A Place To Purchase Boat Fuel At Put-in-Bay2020-02-21T23:06:08+00:00

Yes, the marina at the Boardwalk docks and restaurant complex has fuel service with Diesel and Gasoline.

Are There Public Boat Ramps At Put-in-Bay2020-02-21T23:04:26+00:00

Yes, there are several options for boat ramps. Between “C” and “B” dock there is a public ramp free of charge. There is one at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club for a small fee. There is one at the Soth Bass Island State Park along with ample boat trailer parking.

Is There Fresh Water On The Docks2020-02-21T23:01:58+00:00

Yes, All of our docks have a freshwater connection. Boaters are advised to bring their own hoses and fitting to make the connection. Connections are shared to fill holding tanks and then disconnected. A 50 to 75-foot hose is generally sufficient.

Is There Electric Service For Boats On The Docks2020-02-21T22:58:57+00:00

Yes, there is. Various levels of amperage are available and included in your dockage rates. Longer shore power cords are favorable as you may be a short distance from the closest connection.

Can I Make A Reservation For A Boat Dock at Put-in-Bay2020-02-21T22:56:39+00:00

The Public Docks at Put-in-Bay are on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are planning on coming on a weekend, the earlier you get to Put-in-Bay, the more likely you are to get a dock. The privately-owned docks take reservations, and some offer memberships granting priority dockage. Mooring balls in the harbor are also an option. There is a water taxi that brings boaters to and from their boat to the shore.

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