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Annual Historical Weekend At Put-in-Bay Ohio

Some of the best summer weather to be had arrives in September, along with the yearly Historical Weekend celebration. For Put-in-Bay History buffs, this a can’t miss the weekend. Chocked full of events, visitors will enjoy live entertainment, re-enactments, art, and some fantastic food. Put-in-Bay Hotels are offering discount rates for the event and book up fast! For adults and kids alike, this is a great chance to have fun, enjoy Ohios Put-in-Bay and learn about the Lake Erie Islands. Be sure to book your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental early they sell out quickly!

Historical Weekend And The Battle of Lake Erie

The fledgling nation of America was not doing so well in the war of 1812. The British were running rampant winning skirmish after skirmish, including the siege of Detroit nearby that resulted in surrender. The British could rely on their control of Lake Erie for much of their success in these war campaigns. One fateful day, all of this would turn in America’s favor when Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry commanded a fleet of 9 United States Navy vessels in a well-planned surprise attack on the British Navy that began right here in Put-in-Bay.

The War of 1812 was not going particularly well for the fledgling nation of America before September 10, 1813. The British mounted many successful campaigns against America in 1812, including the Siege of Detroit, which led to Detroit surrendering to the British. One of the big reasons Britain had so much success in its campaigns in the area was its control of Lake Erie.

Power would be wrestled away, however, on that fateful day. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry commanded a fleet of 9 United States Navy vessels as they captured the six vessel fleet the British Royal Navy had positioned in Lake Erie.

America took back control of Lake Erie, and although the war continued for another two years, it placed America back on equal footing, eventually resulting in America winning the war. This Battle was the turning point of the war, and its rich history is celebrated each year on this particular weekend.

Put-in-Bay Events

Special events and demonstrations are just a few of the things to see on Historical Weekend.. Over 1500 Boy Scouts each year set up a primitive encampment near the Perry Peace Memorial Grounds. Live musket firing demonstrations and war re-enactments are displayed throughout the weekend.

On Sunday, the weekly Grand Parade will include these same chanters, 1500+ Boy Scouts, and marching bands from across the state. All join in with the 100+ Antique Car Parade for one of the largest of the year. A visit to the monument is, of course, also a great way, maybe even the best way, to learn more about the Battle of Lake Erie.

Don’t forget that Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is open all summer. So if you can’t make it for the Put-in-Bay Historical Weekend, you can still come and learn about this fascinating piece of naval history right in our backyard!