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The Wake At Put-in-Bay – A Tradition For Over 35 Years!

The tradition of The Wake at the Round House Bar dates back over 35 years. Again this year, it continues and is a special event, commemorating the end of another sweet Put-in-Bay summer season. The Round House Bar plays hosts of The Wake. The nearby Hotel turns into a Haunted House. Enjoy your trip through the haunts! Guests then come across a casket dedicated to the season at the Bay as we put it to rest. After you have paid your respects, you proceed through a door arriving in the Round House Bar.

Put-in-Bay Home Coming Weekend

The Wake is a perfect fit for the newest tradition, Homecoming on Put-in-Bay! Seasonal workers from many years past head up to the island for Homecoming Weekend, reliving their own memories of summers they spent working at Put-in-Bay. A bar crawl is one of the highlights of the festivities, and otherwise, it’s just a great time to be had by all.

Most tourists only know about the summer events at Put-in-Bay. The island is a vibrant spot with great shopping, beaches, and lively nightlife. Put-in-Bay has been dubbed the ultimate Midwest vacation getaway. But it’s a far different place come wintertime. Lake Erie freezes over, the ferries can’t run, and less than 600 full-time residents bunker down for winter with one bar and restaurant. The local grocery store and the gas station open a few hours each week if they need to get to the mainland they have to fly! It’s a very different lifestyle, a far cry from the lively summer season.

Remember, if you’ve already made Halloween plans, Homecoming Weekend marks your last opportunity to get up to Put-in-Bay once more before it shuts down for the year. Don’t miss your chance, check out your lodging options and join us for The Wake and Homecoming!