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Victoria Day Honors – The Peaceful Period Between The United States, Canada, and Great Britain

For over 200 years The United States, Canada, and Great Britain have enjoyed peace. Victoria Day Weekend honors this peaceful period with a weekend getaway at Put-in-Bay Ohio! Visit Perry’s Monument and join all the other visitors in educational experiences and activities about the history of this special holiday. With your newfound knowledge, try the annual Victoria Weekend “Put-in-Bay Downtown Scavenger Hunt”. From 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, on Saturday. Sponsored by Put-in-Bay Golf Carts the scavenger hunt will be underway. This isn’t the standard scavenger hunt! The competition takes place on golf carts and you can reserve those here: Make sure to book your golf cart ahead of time.

Compete In the Victoria Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt 

Your chance To Win Lots Of Prizes, Such As:

  • Put-in-Bay mini-vacations for two (meals, lodging, transportation)
  • Gift Bags
  • Put-in-Bay Attraction Tickets

There is no entry fee, you just have to have rented your cart from Put-in-Bay Golf Carts. This is definitely one of the best-kept secrets on South Bass Island. Registration is available at Delaware Carts located within the Edgewater Hotel in the heart of downtown on Delaware Ave. Not only do you rent golf carts for the weekend fun at this location, but you can also reserve bicycles to explore the island a little more casually. Biking is one of the best ways to see the island and access Put-in-Bay restaurants and bars. The Blue Marlin Bar & Grill is a great place to stop in for a taste of local craft beer.

Once the Victoria Day Weekend scavenger hunt is completed, consider trying your hand at Put-in-Bay Parasailing. Get an aerial view of the island and take a moment to sit back and enjoy Put-in-Bay Ohio from on high. Once you’ve gotten your fill of thrills, enjoy a variety of eateries, shopping, and entertainment sites at The Boardwalk.