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Frequently Asked Questions About Put-in-Bay (FAQ’S)

With literally hundreds of phone calls daily at the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau, they have heard just about every question imaginable! What ferry to take, where is the best place to rent a golf cart, what restaurant on the island serves the best food, what Put-in-Bay hotels and resorts are close to town, and more!

On our Frequently Asked Questions page, we have tried to address some of the most popular often heard questions for our website visitors in order to answer what you need to know about Put-in-Bay. If there is something you would like to see added to our Frequently Asked Questions page please contact us!

Put-in-Bay is a charming island village located in Lake Erie on South Bass Island in Put-in-Bay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio, United States. We are 35 miles (56 km) east of Toledo. The total population was 138 as of the 2010 census and might even go up to 160 someday!

The island is a popular summer resort and recreational destination. Do you want a weekend to relax and really get away from it all? Put-in-Bay vacations are a favorite of both families and corporate groups. If you are more into the vibrant late-night scene at the island then there are plenty of Put-in-Bay bars and restaurants to enjoy! Put-in-Bay ferry boats and airline services connect the island with Kellys Island, Catawba Island, Kelleys Island, Sandusky, and Port Clinton.

.Put-in-Bay played a notable historical role in the War of 1812 as the location of the fleet of U.S. naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry, who sailed from the portPicture of the Brig Niagara - One of the Frequently Asked Questions about Put-in-Bay on September 10, 1813, to attack a British squadron just north of the island in the Battle of Lake Erie. This battle fought on the Brig Niagara, was a turning point in the war. Today, the Perry Peace Memorial stands as a monument to commemorate the battle and everlasting peace along the Northern Border. Tours are given daily in season and an elevator takes visitors to an observation deck high above Lake Erie with a stunning view.

What Are The Two Most Popular Packages Deals On Rooms At Put-in-Bay2022-11-28T12:29:09+00:00

The Jet Away Getaway is offered at the Put-in-Bay Resort and the Bay Lodging Resort. These packages include the room, overnight golf cart rental, and breakfast. The Schools out special at the Edgewater Hotel offers a  special room upgrade along with a free Put-in-Bay Golf Rental. All must be booked by calling the property directly. The central reservation center can also assist in booking these package deals by calling 888-742-7829

What Are The Hours Of The Put-in-Bay Airport2020-02-22T14:13:26+00:00

Generally speaking, you have access to your plane 24 hours a day. The airport itself is not a manned tower. Takeoffs and landings are restricted as the runways are not lit. There is no published IFR approach into the Put-in-Bay Airport. Parking is available for a daily fee.

Is There Fuel At The Put-in-Bay Airport2020-02-22T14:06:04+00:00

No there is no fuel service. The closest fuel is Port Clinton (PCW) about 6 miles south of the Put-in-Bay Airport. Be sure to contact them in advance for fueling hours.

What Do I Need To Do To Bring My Boat To Put-In-Bay2020-02-22T13:59:36+00:00

If you are planning on bringing your boat to Put-in-Bay we suggest that you bring extra fenders and lines. Most all docks and marinas require rafting off of other boats as many as 4 deep. These extra lines and fenders will help keep your boat securely tied off. You should also take into consideration the same with a water hose and power cords.

Can I have Alcohol On My Boat At Put-in-Bay2020-02-22T13:56:09+00:00

Yes, you can. The docks themselves do not permit open containers but you may enjoy your beverages on your private boat. There are local stores that sell beer & wine. There is no liquor store on the island.

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Golf Cart If I Am On A Boat2020-02-22T13:56:35+00:00

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts is located across the park from the Public Docks & Marinas and services all public and private marinas. Reservations are strongly suggested and may be made by calling 419-285-7427 Ample parking along the docks is available.

Is There A Place To Purchase Boat Fuel At Put-in-Bay2020-02-21T23:06:08+00:00

Yes, the marina at the Boardwalk docks and restaurant complex has fuel service with Diesel and Gasoline.

Are There Public Boat Ramps At Put-in-Bay2020-02-21T23:04:26+00:00

Yes, there are several options for boat ramps. Between “C” and “B” dock there is a public ramp free of charge. There is one at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club for a small fee. There is one at the Soth Bass Island State Park along with ample boat trailer parking.

Is There Fresh Water On The Docks2020-02-21T23:01:58+00:00

Yes, All of our docks have a freshwater connection. Boaters are advised to bring their own hoses and fitting to make the connection. Connections are shared to fill holding tanks and then disconnected. A 50 to 75-foot hose is generally sufficient.

Is There Electric Service For Boats On The Docks2020-02-21T22:58:57+00:00

Yes, there is. Various levels of amperage are available and included in your dockage rates. Longer shore power cords are favorable as you may be a short distance from the closest connection.

Can I Make A Reservation For A Boat Dock at Put-in-Bay2020-02-21T22:56:39+00:00

The Public Docks at Put-in-Bay are on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are planning on coming on a weekend, the earlier you get to Put-in-Bay, the more likely you are to get a dock. The privately-owned docks take reservations, and some offer memberships granting priority dockage. Mooring balls in the harbor are also an option. There is a water taxi that brings boaters to and from their boat to the shore.

How Do I Reserve A Golf Cart For Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T16:56:24+00:00 website allows and encourages advance reservations. They feature the largest and newest fleet of rentals at Put-in-Bay. Travelers are encouraged to book early as supplies are limited and they often run out. Golf Carts are available to rent in two, four, six and eight-person seating. Carts are rented daily and overnight. Golf Carts are treated as cars and all licenses and rules apply.

What Is The Phone Number For The Taxi At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T16:51:32+00:00

The phone number for the taxi service at Put-in-Bay Is 419-285-2667. You can call while on board the ferry to request pick up. Advance reservations are also accepted along with all major credit cards.

How Much Is A Taxi At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T16:49:36+00:00

A Put-in-Bay Taxi is $3.00 to $4.00 per person anywhere on the island. Coops cabs are the best known on the island and have the newest vans and accept all major credit cards. When getting off the ferry, you may select any taxi you wish and are not required to use the one in the front. The nicer cabs are quite easy to see.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Top Of Perry’s Monument2020-02-15T16:45:16+00:00

The fee is $10 per adult (16 years of age and older)for a day pass to go to the top of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. Children under 15 are free when accompanied by an adult. The monument is part of the National Park Service. NPS passes such as the Annual Pass and Season Pass are accepted here.

Where Can I Find An ATM At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T16:39:48+00:00

There is an ATM located on the main strip called Delaware Avenue in front of the Edgewater Hotel and the Put-in-Bay Golf Car Rental. There is also an ATM in the lobby of the Put-in-Bay Resort. Both are accessible 24 hours a day in season.

Can We Have Extra Guests In Put-in-Bay Hotel Rooms Or Home Rentals2020-02-15T16:01:01+00:00

No this is not permitted. The State of Ohio Fire Marshall sets occupancy limits for all hotels and rentals and owners are not permitted to exceed those limits under any circumstances. Always be sure to book enough rooms for your group as their will rarely be anything left to book last minute. All locations are strict bout the enforcement of these rules. If a room at a Put-in-Bay hotel is advertised as a six-person suite, then it is a six-person maximum


Where Should We Stay At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T15:56:33+00:00

Put-in-Bay offers a wide variety of lodging options. The preferred option is to stay is in town within walking distance of the attractions, nightlife, and dining. There are several hotels and downtown home rentals that eliminate the need to rely on transportation into and out of town. Taxis can be expensive and time-consuming and often hard to find. The central reservation center can assist you in booking the best lodging for your needs. The Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau is another great option for the island’s preferred lodging.

Where Can I Find Information About Put-in-Bay Hotels2020-02-15T15:51:01+00:00

Put-in-Bay Hotels and resorts all maintain their own individual websites. Much of the information you are seeking may be found on our lodging page or the hotels’ website. The Put-in-Bay Visitors and Convention Bureau also is a great source for hotels and lodging information about Put-in-bay. Each hotel has an individual page here for you to review information and pictures. You can also call the reservation center for Put-in-Bay at 888-742-7829

What Hotels Offer A One Night Stay2020-02-15T15:41:41+00:00

All Hotels and Resorts at  Put-in-Bay require a 2 or sometimes 3 night minimum on weekends in peak season. In April and some October -weekends, they will permit a one night stay. Sundays through Thursdays all locations will generally permit a one-night stay unless it is a holiday. The Put-in-Bay Reservation Center keeps a list of all openings and can assist travelers by calling 888-742-7829


What Is The Best Hotel For Families At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T15:37:38+00:00

Put-in-Bay offers several hotels that have modern amenities, and are generally known as the best hotels for families at Put-in-Bay. The Put-in-Bay Resort s the largest hotel on the island with a wide variety of room types ideal for families. They have rooms from two to eight people and the islands only downtown rental homes. There is a splash pad for the kids as well as a large pol and hot tun. Bay Lodging Resort also located downtown has 2 bedroom units and hotel rooms with the islands only indoor-outdoor pool, a big hit with kids.



What Is The Best Hotel At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T15:14:24+00:00

Each hotel at Put-in-Bay offers a unique experience. The best hotels at Put-in-Bay are located in town, where you can walk to everything. The Put-in-Bay Resort is the island’s largest, newest and most popular. They are well known for their swim-up bar, hot tub, and golf cart rentals. The Bay Lodging Resort is also located just off downtown so it is a little quieter and also offers golf carts and the island’s only indoor/outdoor pool and is pet-friendly.

What Hotel Has The Best Pool Swim Up Bar2020-02-15T14:59:31+00:00

This is a matter of personal choice however over the last 5 years the Put-in-Bay Resort and it’s Blue Marlin Bar And Grill have been voted the island number one pool venue and the cleanest pool facility. The Blue Marlin features DJ Adubb and is the most popular place to be on Friday afternoons and all day Saturday. The pool is open to the public.

How Do I Get From The Ferry To My Hotel2020-02-15T14:56:16+00:00

The best way to get to your hotel from the ferry dock is to rent a golf cart or take a taxi. When you get off the ferry you will generally see several taxis waiting to transport visitors to their Put-in-Bay Hotel or Resort. If you decide to bring a car (not recommended) many hotels have a limited number of parking spots. Keep in mind you may wait as long as three hours each way to get a car on or off the island.


Where can I Find Deals And Discounts Or Packages For Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T14:51:28+00:00

We recommend visiting Put-in-Bay hotels downtown rental home websites. The Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau maintains a page with the current hotel, resort, and home rental specials. Visit their website for the most up to date information on discounts and packages for Put-in-Bay.



Where Is The Best Place To Stay At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T14:38:46+00:00

There are many different choices for lodging at Put-in-Bay, and where the best place is will depend a lot on you and your group. Most people want to be in town and close to the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife where everything is walkable. If you are not able to get a place in town, you may find yourself stuck having to rely on a taxi to get back and forth. We suggest starting with the Put-in-Bay Resort, The Edgewater Hote, The Put-in-Bay Villa Home Rentals or the Bay Lodging Resort.



Is There Pet Friendly Lodging At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T14:31:55+00:00

Pet-friendly rentals are in limited supply at Put-in-Bay. There is one hotel resort that offers options for pets, the Bay Lodging Resort. It is located in the downtown area, walking distance to the main strip. pets are welcome on the Ferry Boats on a leash or in a proper pet carrier. Pet-friendly rooms are in high demand and making reservations early is suggested.


How Do We Get The Cheapest Deal On Hotels And Home Rentals At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T14:28:11+00:00

Book direct! Call the hotel or resort directly or use their online booking to reserve. Online travel agents like Expedia and make their profit by charging you a fee (generally 15% more) for using their service. The central reservation center 888-742-7829 will also often know of specials and packages that can make for a more affordable stay. All of our lodging partners may be contacted directly on this site with just a click or a phone call!

Can You Stay Just One Night At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T14:24:03+00:00

During some parts of the season in April Late September and October, Put-in-Bay Resort & Bay Lodging may offer single night stays on weekends. In Peak season on weekends, all rentals require a 2-night minimum stay. Holiday weekends are often a thee night minimum. The central reservation center is generally the best information option and will have the most current lodging info at 888-742-7829

When Does Put-in-Bay Close2020-02-15T14:20:24+00:00

From November to March, Many Put-in-Bay businesses are closed for the season. This does not mean the island no longer accommodates visiting guests. The ferries stop running and when Lake Erie freezes over, some tourists arrive for ice fishing. Put-in-Bay becomes a tranquil quiet village of about 500 people over the winter. Over the winter many people are making their reservations for the upcoming season which begins in April.


Are Put-in-Bay Hotels Kid Friendly2020-02-15T14:16:11+00:00

Most of the Put-in-Bay Hotels and Lodging, as well as the Put-in-Bay Villa Rental Homes, are kid-friendly. Several hotels such as the Put-in-Bay Resort and Bay Lodging Resort have amenities and organized activities that cater to families and kids. The Put-in-Bay Villas Rental homes are ideal for families ad they have a great pool, a splash pad for the kids and are located right in town the preferred location.

Where Is A Good Place For Bachelor Or Bachelorette Parties At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T14:12:38+00:00

Put-in-Bay is well-known for bachelor and bachelorette parties.  It has been ranked as one of the best places to hold a bachelor and bachelorette party in the Midwest. The most popular locations for these groups are in the downtown area. When in town, nobody needs a taxi to get around. The Put-in-Bay Villa Rental Homes, Edgewater Hotel Suite and the Put-in-Bay resort all feature rooms and lodging for larger groups. All of the aforementioned are in town, and walking distance to the Put-in-Bay Nightlife, Shopping, and Dining.


How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:59:57+00:00

Put-in-Bay Hotels and rental homes are more expensive on weekends. During the week, Sunday through Thursday rates are significantly lower. Groups lodging together tend to get the best rates per person in the larger downtown rental homes. Some hotels and resorts offer package deals with a golf cart included in the rate. There is a central reservation center that generally knows what the best deals on lodging are. Their number is 888-742-7829


Can I Rent A House At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:48:32+00:00

Yes! There are several modern houses for rent at Put-in-Bay called the Put-in-Bay Villas and the All-Star Ohio House. Like any vacation rental, you want to be close to town where walking to the shops and restaurants is possible. When booking a Put-in-Bay Rental home be sure that you are in town and that sheets, towels, and linens are provided as some primitive rentals do not offer them.


How Long Is The Ferry Ride To Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:42:44+00:00

Miller Ferry takes 18 minutes to get to Put-In-Bay. It lands on the other side of the island away from downtown. The Jet Express takes 30 minutes and provides a narrated tour. The Jet Express serves the island including late-night service and arrives in the downtown area. Mouse Island, Kelleys Island, Rattlesnake Island and the other Lake Erie Islands will be visible along the way.

What Is There To Do At Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:38:52+00:00

Island Attractions include Golf, Mini-Golf, Nature Trails, Jet Ski Rentals, Parasailing, Shopping, Dining and so much more. In fact, there are more attractions at Put-in-Bay in the 2.5 miles by 5-mile island than anywhere else!  Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial and South Bass Island State Park bring thousands of visitors annually to see the colorful and historical attractions.



What time does Put-in-Bay Open2020-02-15T13:35:01+00:00

Put-In-Bay is not a park like Cedar Point and is open 24 hours a day like any community. Peak tourism season starts in April and ends in late October with the annual Halloween weekend. During the winter months, after the ferry stops, visitors must rely on local air taxis to get to Put-in-Bay.


Is there A Tunnel To Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:31:59+00:00

No. The Put-In-Bay Tunnel was an April Fool’s Joke by local businessman Mark Mathys that was popular and went viral. The main way to get to Put-in-Bay still remains the two ferry boat companies that serve the island.


Is Put-in-Bay Family Friendly2020-02-15T13:29:46+00:00

Yes. Put-in-Bay offers more family attractions than just about any other place of its size. There are numerous historical, educational and fun-filled activities for kids and families. The island does have a bar district which for the most part is on one street and a small side street leaving the rest of the island in its natural state. Thousands of families each year visit Put-in-Bay and the Put-in-Bay Resort, many are return visitors.


What Do I Pack For Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:24:56+00:00

Weather at Put-in-Bay is typical for Ohio. In the evening, a light sweater or jacket will be comfortable in the Spring or Fall. There is an extensive article about what to pack for Put-in-Bay Here: There is no state liquor store on the island. Beer & Wine is readily available and sold at state minimum pricing in several locations. There are numerous shops on the island should you forget an item.

Where Do I Get The Ferry To Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:19:33+00:00

Two Put-In-Bay Ferry Boats serve the island, Miller Ferry and Jet Express. Miller Ferry is located in Port Clinton Ohio on Catawba Point. Jet Express departs from downtown Port Clinton, Ohio, Sandusky, Ohio, and runs a limited-service from Cedar Point. Reservations are not required.

How Did Put-in-Bay Get It’s Name? What Does It Mean?2020-02-15T13:15:54+00:00

Put-In-Bay is the name of the village on South Bass Island in Ohio. Local historians claims believe the name came from the Native Americans. They said, “putting in at the bay” in a ceremonial fashion. Other historians believe it was named as such because it provided for bad weather shelter. Boaters would  “put it in the bay” when the weather was bad.

How to I get to Put-in-Bay2020-02-15T13:10:19+00:00

Ferry Boats serve Put-In-Bay except for a few months in the winter when there is ice on the lake. Both the Miller Ferry and Jet Express provide boat transportation to South Bass Island. Put-in-Bay also has a small airport where private planes can land and air taxis provide service year-round.

Where is Put-in-Bay Located2020-02-15T13:07:32+00:00

Put-In-Bay is a municipal village located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. It is a part of the Bass Islands and the most inhabited of the islands. The island is part of the United States, Stae of Ohio and located in Ottawa County in the northwest portion of Ohio.

Do I Need Advance Reservations For The Put-in-Bay Ferry Boat2020-02-06T22:56:20+00:00

No! Advance reservations are not required for the Put-in-Bay ferry boats. The Put-in-Bay ferry boats run on a first-come-first-served basis operating as quickly as one boat every 15 minutes during the peak season and one boat hourly in the offseason. Both ferry services have several boats. Try to arrive early for your trip to Put-in-Bay on the ferry to ensure the best options and shortest waits! Check the Jet Express or Miller Ferry websites for details and schedules.

Can I Walk Or Go From Bar To Bar With A Drink Or Open Container At Put-in-Bay2020-02-05T22:05:22+00:00

Can I Walk Or Go From Bar To Bar With A Drink Or Open Container At Put-in-Bay – NO Put-in-Bay is part of Ohio and there is an open container law that prohibits open containers in public places. Remember all the same rules and Ohio Laws apply on the island as they do on the mainland. Open container violations are enforced and you may not possess any open alcoholic beverages outside of the establishment where it was served or purchased.


Can I Bring Alcohol To My Put-in-Bay Hotel Room2020-02-05T19:41:56+00:00

Yes. All the hotels and resorts featured on the Put-in-Bay website permit you to bring alcohol to your Put-in-Bay Hotel Room or rental home. There is no liquor store on South Bass Island so if you want to bring alcohol bring it from the mainland. Beer and wine can be purchased at Put-in-Bay carry out stores for prices that are comparable to those on the mainland. You may not take outside alcohol into pool bars, bars or restaurants.

Do You Have Car Seats For Golf Carts2020-02-02T18:24:10+00:00

No! There is NO SAFE WAY to secure a car seat in a golf cart. This is a personal choice so if you want to use a car seat please bring your own. For liability reasons, we cannot install a car seat. It is not required.

What Laws Apply To A Golf Cart2020-02-02T18:22:06+00:00

All traffic laws that apply to an automobile apply to a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental. This includes open container & driving while intoxicated laws. Please pay careful attention to parking signs and painted curbs.

Where Can A Golf Cart Go On The Island2020-02-02T18:22:52+00:00

Pretty much all paved road unless otherwise marked as private. Please stay OFF the golf course, Perry Peace Memorial Grounds and out of State Parks (unless registered) and off of nature trails.

Can I Reserve A Golf Cart At Put-in-Bay2020-02-02T18:24:31+00:00

Yes! Reservations are strongly recommended and should be made in advance. You may reserve online here  Many times there are more visitors than there are golf carts and your advance booking assures you a cart upon arrival.

Are Your Golf Carts Gas Or Electric2020-02-02T18:24:53+00:00

All of our golf carts are gas-powered. You are not responsible for refilling them as gas is included. We do not have electric carts as they will not last all day and are too slow.

How Late Are You Open For Golf Carts2020-02-02T18:25:21+00:00

We typically are open until 9 pm during the week and 10 pm on weekends. Daily rentals are due back one hour before closing time.

Do You Rent Put-in-Bay Golf Carts Overnight Or For Multple Days?2020-02-02T18:25:45+00:00

Yes! We offer daily, overnight, & weekly rentals by reservation. Reservations are strongly recommended as far in advance as possible. You can make an online reservation for a Golf Cart here:

Where Can I Get Put-In-Bay Information2020-02-02T18:26:53+00:00

You can visit the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau Website or the Ohio Put-in-Bay Visitors guide for additional information about the island.

Why Do I Need A Golf Cart At Put-in-Bay2020-02-02T18:27:15+00:00

A Golf Cart is how we get around the island which is 2.5 by 5 miles. Cars are strongly discouraged, waits to get one on or off-island can run as long as three hours and it’s expensive. Carts are the preferred transportation method.

Should I Reserve A Golf Cart On Line2020-02-02T18:27:47+00:00

Yes! Many days golf carts are sold out and larger carts are almost always sold out early. This also ensures the best rates.

What Do I Need To Rent A Put-in-Bay Golf Cart2020-02-02T18:28:08+00:00

You will need a driver’s license or a major credit card to rent.

Can You Bring Your Own Golf Cart To Put-In-Bay2020-02-02T18:28:32+00:00

No, Golf Carts must be titled island use only, inspected by the local Police Department & display Ottawa County License Plates

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Golf Cart?2020-02-03T22:00:25+00:00

You must be a licensed driver and 18 years of age. You must be able to produce your drivers’ license if requested.

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