New preliminary Lake Erie Coastal Erosion Area maps to be released by ODNR in January

The ODNR has announced that property owners along Ohio’s Lake Erie coast, including those on the islands, will receive letters from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources after the first of the year identifying if their property is preliminarily located within a coastal erosion area. The letters will initiate a 120-day comment period for an updated set of coastal erosion maps originally released in 1998. Under Ohio’s Coastal Management rules, ODNR is required to measure coastal recession rates along the state’s Lake Erie shore. Land areas predicted to erode within a 30-year period, if additional approved erosion control measures are not completed, are included in designated coastal erosion areas. Ohio law defines a coastal erosion area as beginning at the water’s edge and extending landward a specific distance based upon the rate of recession along that stretch of bluff, bank or beach ridge. All 1998 Coastal Erosion Area designations and maps will be in effect and enforced for construction and property sale purposes until the 2010 maps are finalized. The 2010 maps are expected to be finalized in early 2011. Property owners considering a construction project along Ohio’s coast or selling littoral property may visit the ODNR Office of Coastal Management’s website at or call (419) 626-7980 to learn more. Staff will assist landowners in determining if a property is within a 1998 designated coastal erosion area. The Office of Coastal Management can also guide property owners through the permitting process and advise about Ohio’s Residential Property Disclosure law. Littoral property owners, municipalities, counties and townships that have questions about the 2010 preliminary Coastal Erosion Area maps can visit the ODNR Division of Geological Survey’s website at www. or call (614) 265-6595 for more information. The ODNR is developing fact sheets and a website dedicated to the 2010 Coastal Erosion Area program. Additionally, eight public hearings to present the preliminary 2010 Coastal Erosion Area maps are being scheduled across Ohio’s Lake Erie coast. These meetings will be announced in early January when the preliminary coastal erosion area designations are released.

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