This and That

Sue Duff’s Aunt Joan has a subscription to the Put-in-Bay Gazette. She lives on the mainland and turned 98 on January 4th. Joan reports seeing her mailman scanning the Gazette before he puts it in her mailbox.

Anna Rence, Madeline Pugh, Molly Domer, Miranda Riddle and Patrick McCann from the French Club brought a little holiday cheer to the Providence Care Center in Sandusky on Dec. 13th. The Panther Pride students made and delivered over 90 Christmas cards to the residents.

There was an article in the Sandusky Register about Cecil Weatherspoon wanting to put a sewer line from the village to his property across from the airport on Langram Rd. The estimated cost of the $2.5 million project would be split based on usage among the developer, residents and other businesses along the line who want to tap into the system. After a meeting with Ottawa County officials in December, there are still issues over who will pay what before ground is broken.

Bob Gatewood and Calabash recently went off the island for a show in their old hometown, Cleveland, at Brother’s Music Hall. It was SRO and many friends from Lakewood, Put-in-Bay, and the old Flats party district in Cleveland were reunited. Gatewood says the even went so well, they have already committed to doing it again next year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The band did 56 shows at the Round House Bar last summer and this upcoming season will be their 25th year of bringing people together on the island.

Humankind – Yes, Santa Claus, we need Virginias

by Peter Huston

As the holiday season flashes by us again, Santa’s helpers everywhere, bell ringers in the malls, stupid TV ads with dancing girls selling jeans to a rap music sound track, we are inundated, completely saturated with circulars, catalogs and requests for donations. The month of December can become overwhelming, especially in a recession, bah humbug. But as the New Year rolls in we can start anew with hopes of a prosperous year ahead and renewed optimism. As Francis Church wrote back in his famous 1897 New York Sun editorial, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias.” How dreary indeed the world would be if we had no Virginias. The truth is we need Virginias now more than ever, men, women, and children willing to believe in an important cause or needful organization. We can give the gift that keeps giving, not just a donation of money but our time and most importantly our infectious unfettered belief in doing good for others. And it starts again this New Year in our own minds. This past year was one of the worst ever for charities. According to a November 18th article in the New York Times, large foundations hit hard, some by the Ponzi schemes which undermined our nations financial investment world, are going out of business. This has created a ripple effect. These foundations provided the seed money for many small community non-profits like Veggie U over in Milan, Ohio, which helps young school kids learn about better food choices. In 2009 many non-profits that do wonderful things had to shutter their doors or severely cut back their efforts. With fund raising down and grant money drying up we need to create the “ripple back effect” that becomes the wave of care in 2010. In 2009 the island made collective efforts to help the Salvation Army and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research, but more importantly, we gave to our local fire department, EMS, Senior Center, veterans, 4-H and Arts Council. We dug deep to help out members of our community needing food, medical treatment, even housing. It is important to make a pledge of financial support to a group or organization, and please be sure to support your favorite group again. But in this time of economic uncertainty, we need your sincere belief in what these amazing organizations do, and we need to help them make it through these tough times. We need your belief we can cure cancer, hunger and improve our quality of life as we age. We need the devotional spirit of a child’s pure love and generosity directed towards what inspires us. We need to make sure those we love and the things we believe in survive and prosper this New Year. We need Virginias now more than ever.

A letter from the PIB Garden Club

Dear Residents and Island Businesses, The Put-in-Bay Garden Club invites you to sponsor one or more of our projects to add beauty to our island for the 2010 season. To sponsor a complete, live flowering basket on a DeRivera Lamppost will cost $150.00. Local volunteer gardeners will plant, water and fertilize your basket throughout the summer season. There are 42 available lampposts. The second project in DeRivera Park you may sponsor is restoring and landscaping around the fountain. Funds donated to this project will allow us to focus on the historical beauty of our downtown landmark. Projected cost is $900. Through local input, it was decided The Putin- Bay Garden Club will also seek sponsors and volunteers to transform the Bathing Beach to a usable venue. We plan to clean up the debris on the beach, extend the grassy area towards the Monument, purchase two picnic tables and a grill, as well as landscape along the present galvanized fence to soften and naturalize the look. In May, a committee and PIB school will spearhead the work and we also will work with city officials and the Monument to maintain the beach area throughout the summer. $1500 is our budget for this project. Winter is a great time to plan next spring/summer’s garden and we encourage you to push your garden designs “up a notch” for 2010 to show island-wide support for our community. It seems the recession is on the downswing; remember the Victory Gardens from history? In August, a committee will judge and award recognition to residents and local businesses who have gone above and beyond to beautify their areas. Throughout the summer, our club hopes to feature garden photos in The Gazette of decorated spots around the island. We’d love to feature your home or business! Please join us and send your monetary contribution with a note as to how you want your sponsorship or contribution used to: Put-in-Bay Garden Club, P. O. Box 815, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

Port Authority to try again plus other news about the airport

After the defeat in November of the 1-mil levy by one vote, 221 to 220, to complete the purchase of the airport properties on the islands, the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority met in December to discuss the future of the island airports. One of the primary things is the continued concern about paying off the airport property loan obligation, so the Port Authority levy will be put back on the ballot in the spring. There is still some discussion as to what the rate will be considering the attempt to get a 1-mil levy has consistently failed.

Winter operation of airport and freight handing….
In the meantime, everyone wants to know what will happen at the airport this winter. With no money, there will be no one attending the terminal and the heat will be turned down to keep expenses to a minimum. As for freight, Tom Griffing tells us the freight room will be open from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday so people can pick up packages. Dave Washtock will try to call people when a package for them arrives. It helps if there is a name and phone number on packages. If you are out at the airport, take a minute to give Dave your phone number here on the island. With cell phones, not everyone is in the phone book, so he needs a list of phone numbers. Griffing will call people ahead of time to let them know when prescriptions will come in. You must be there to pick them up when the plane arrives. The same applies for packages coming over on weekends.

Ottawa County wants payment………
In the meantime, county officials are pressing the Put-in-Bay Township Trustees to make an almost $60,000 payment for debt retirement on the property. Township Trustee Matt Miller has met with county officials and basically told them the township doesn’t have enough to make the payment.

Washtock leases terminal……….
To help raise enough money to keep things going, the Port Authority leased the airport terminal at Put-in-Bay for the spring, summer and fall tourist season to Dave Washtock and his Erie Island Carts partners for up to five years beginning at $14,500 for the 2010 season. The lease could be extended upon mutual agreement. Dave leased it this past year to rent golf carts, but the new lease agreement allows him to sublet the terminal. The lease requires collecting tie down fees for the Port Authority, keeping the rest rooms maintained and open, and providing a lobby area for pilots as required by the FAA. Given all this, the lease payment and tie down fees are only a small portion of the money needed to operate the airport.

Blue Cottage Gallery to move to airport……
At this time, the owners of the Blue Cottage Gallery at Harbor Square, Celeste Mycoskie and Jan Novak, have indicated they will be giving up their downtown location and moving to the airport to operate their shop there during the tourist season. During the summer season, April through October, they will occupy space on the first floor, while still providing a lobby area for pilots to conduct their business. They’ve got some interesting plans for their operation, so stay tuned for further developments.

Space for rent at airport terminal……
Dave also says he is also subletting three of the former hotel rooms upstairs in the terminal for seasonal commercial use. The rooms cannot be used for residential purposes due to FAA regulations, but can be used for offices and other commercial uses found in a typical big airport. For information about leasing space, see Dave’s rental ad in the miscellaneous section of the paper on page 8. The rent will be very reasonable.

Washtock has other plans for this summer……
Dave says he also working on a couple of other events that might help bring business to the airport and help raise some money. One is a fly-in by the Confederate Air Force and the other is a sports car rally. Again, watch for more details as things progress.

Introducing something new and exciting for PIB “Let’s Get Moving”

By Candace Pucci & Jessie Green

“EMBRACING WELLNESS IN OUR LIVES AND LIVING EACH DAY WITH PASSION!” is our Goal and Philosophy for the New Year. Wellness plays such a strategic role in your vitality and quality of life. And for this reason, we have designed a community-wide program focusing on not only physical wellness, but also mental wellbeing. We scheduled a wide variety of fun and exciting activities for you, creating wellness at all levels, regardless of limitations. Since January is the month for welcoming in the New Year, why not try something new and join us at the Town Hall and start your year off on a healthy, positive note. We guarantee you’ll love it! The “Let’s Get Moving” programs will take place every week in January, Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. at the Town Hall. There is no charge for the program and you can attend all or any of the sessions according to your time and interest. The weekly schedules for “Let’s Get Moving” have something new for everybody. Mondays will be Dance Away & Get Fit With The 60’s; Tuesdays – Yoga Play; Wednesday – Sweatin’ To The Oldies; Thursdays – Tai Chi; and Fridays – Dance Mix (Swing, Cha Cha, Country Line Dancing, Nia, Latin). Each month we will spotlight the latest Health and Fitness News along with Nutrition Advice, Healthy Recipes, Positive Energy & Motivation, and an all-around uplifting outlook on life! Start 2010 off on the right foot, and let’s have some fun and let’s get moving!

Chocolate Pudding Heaven – A Let’s Get Moving Recipe
1 ripe avocado
1/2 c honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar
1/4 c cocoa powder
1/4 c water
2 T vanilla extract
1/4 t sea salt

Combine avocado, sweetener, cocoa powder, vanilla, and sea salt in a food processor or blender and gradually add water until desired consistency and enjoy!