This and That 2

The day the ferryboats stopped running, Dec. 29th, Jake Dunfee from Rescue Marine charted his boat, Charlotte Marie, to bring over thirteen Amish builders and four loads of equipment from their trucks from Marblehead to Put-in-Bay. The group couldn’t get over the day before, but had to be on the island to start work on the villas at the Put-in- Bay Resort and Conference Center. If you are an ice fisherman and keep your minnow car(s) at the Crew’s Nest docks behind Wharfside, please take heed. You need to have your minnow car labeled with a name and phone number and register it with the Crew’s Nest office by calling (419) 285-3645. Melinda McCann Myers from the Crew’s Nest wants everyone to know they can keep minnow cars there, but the problem comes in the spring, when some of the owners don’t pull their minnow cars out. The Crew’s Nest has to pull them out at their time and expense. Please call today and make sure your car is labeled and registered. Thanks!

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