How To Get Around Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay is a quaint village featuring an incredible number of attractions, restaurants & nightclubs, The islands known for its stunning sunsets over Lake Erie. The intriguing historic sites offer insights to life on the islands as far back as the 1600s. With this many things to see and do, the last thing you want to do is waste time figuring out how to get around Put-in-Bay. Follow along as we share the top five tips that will make your Put-in-Bay Vacation relaxed. While you are on the site, be sure to register to win one of ten free weekends we give away each season. These lucky winners will be our guest for a weekend stay with breakfast and a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart! No matter what your favorite method of transportation is, you’ll have no trouble finding a fun-filled way to get around South Bass Island in Lake Erie!

1. Take The Ferry To The Island

Picture of how to get around Put-in-Bay on Jet Express

The first step to any Put-in-Bay Vacation is a ferry ride to the Lake Erie Islands. The Put-in-Bay Ferry’s that service the island are the Jet Express Ferry (most comfortable and late-night service) and the Miller Ferry (most frequent). Be sure to pay attention to the ferry schedules. Both Ferry boats offer the ability to purchase tickets in advance and online. This is recommended during peak season.

The Miller Ferry also transports vehicles to the island, although bringing one is strongly discouraged. The Miller Ferry arrives on the backside of the island, so you will need a taxi, Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals, or pay to ride the bus into town. Miller Ferry departs from Catawba Island. The ferry terminal is at the end of State Rt 53. Both Pay and free parking are available nearby.

The Jet Express Ferry departs from Port Clinton, Ohio, and designed with passenger comforts in mind. Most seating is inside and climate-controlled. The Jet Express is the only ferry service that arrives in the downtown area. If your destination is just the downtown area, you will not have to worry about how to get around Put-in-Bay as you will arrive in the heart of it all. The Jet Expres Ferry is the fastest of the two offerings narrated tours with information about the history of Put-in-Bay and the surrounding islands.

2. Reserve a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental In Advance

Picture of how to get around Put-in-Bay on a golf cart

Golf carts are How To Get Around Put-in-Bay in the most economical manner. There’s nothing as unique and fun as traveling around the island Put-in-Bay on a golf cart. On the island, we drive them as cars. All the same safety rules apply, including open container laws. Golf Carts are configured on 2-4-6 & 8 passenger models.

They are equipped with seat belts, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and run about 18 MPH. The island’s largest fleet is operated by Put-in-Bay Golf Carts, and you can reserve online before arriving! Reservations are strongly recommended as there are less than 3000 carts on the island, and on any given day, there may be 10,000 visitors!

3. Get Around Put-in-Bay on an E-Bike Or Moped

A bicycle might not be the fastest way how to get around Put-in-Bay, but it can be one of the most fulfilling! Pack a picnic lunch from Subway and a few bottles of water, and you can explore the island at your own pace. A picnic lunch is best enjoyed at the Put-in-Bay State Park, the lawn of the Perry Peace Memorial, or the South Bass Island Lighthouse. Bikes can be rented at the Put-in-Bay Golf Carts facility on Delaware Avenue. Rates are $5.00 per hour or $20.00 for the entire day. The hours are from 8 am to 8 pm.

E-Bikes are a new rage, and with speeds over 20 mph seeing the island in less than a full day is possible! This 5-speed beach cruiser style bike has a lithium-ion assist battery that gets over 20 miles on a single charge. They can are rented from the Put-in-Bay Golf Carts Facility on the main strip. There are only about 20 bikes on the island at this time, so get there early!

Mopeds are another fun way to traverse the island’s best time. These single rider mopeds can travel all day on a single tank of fuel and are easy to park. Beginners will find them easy to operate with only one single gear, no clutch, and lightweight design.

4. How to Get Around Put-in-Bay By Water

Kayaking is a great way to get out on the water and experience Put-In-Bay. Kayak the Bay offers hourly kayak rentals as well as a personalized group guided tours for groups. Single kayak rental prices start at $25 for two hours in a single Kayak. Open from Memorial Day Weekend Bash through September, Kayak the Bay is an excellent opportunity to enjoy this favorite summertime activity!

If you want to get around Put-in-Bay waters with some speed, try Put-in-Bay Jet Skis. These dual rider skis reach speeds over 40 mph. They can be rented for multiple hours and are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

5. How to Get Around Put-in-Bay By Taxi

Picture of how to get around Put-in-Bay in A Taxi

The Put-in-Bay Taxi Service Coops Cabs serves guests everywhere and the patrons of the Jet Express and Miller Ferries.  It’s the fastest way to get to downtown Put-in-Bay from anywhere on South Bass Island! Coops Cab operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer rides for up to 12 people at just three dollars per person. All of the taxi drivers are friendly and courteous, making every trip a fun experience. Contact the Coops Cab today to find out more!

Congratulations! You Now Have All The “Inside Info”

Now that you’ve learned the insider tips and tricks for how to get around Put-in-Bay, there’s only one thing left for you to do — make your Put-in-Bay Hotel Reservations! Put-in-Bay features modern hotels located less than two blocks from the main strip. The Put-in-Bay Resort is the island’s largest and most popular resort with the famed Blue Marin Pool & Swim-Up Bar. Bay Lodging Resort is home to the islands’ only indoor-outdoor swimming pool and a tiki bar. If you want to be close to the action, the Edgewater Hotel is a  newly renovated boutique hotel right on the main strip across from the park and Put-in-Bay Docks & Marinas.

If  Put-in-Bay Rental Homes are more your flavor, you’re in luck! Put-in-Bay Villas are the newest and only downtown home rentals that feature at least four bedrooms and three bathrooms in every unit! All of the Villas feature daily housekeeping and, unlike some rental homes out in the middle of the island, the villas INCLUDE sheets towels & Linens! You’re on vacation who wants to drag all that stuff over! Villas feature two decks on each unit, BBQ grills, outdoor seating areas, and a lushly landscaped courtyard. A pool with a swim-up bar and a fitness center complete Put-in-Bay’s best lodging value! Best of all, just one block from the strip and no need for costly taxi rides back and forth!

Don’t wait for your island getaway; reserve today by calling the central reservation center at 888-742-7829