The Miller Ferry Is The Freight, Car And Passenger Ferry To Put-in-Bay, Ohio

The Miller Ferry offers the most frequent number of trips per day arriving on the south-western side of the island. You will need a taxi, bus or Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental to get into town.

Miller Ferry Service – Freight – Car Transport & Passenger Ferry To Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island From Catawba Island Ohio

The Miller Ferry offers departures from Catawba Island, Ohio, to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Islands. The Miller Ferry is the only ferry boat that transports vehicles to the island, although, as a visitor bringing a car is not recommended. Parking on the island is minimal, and waits to get a car on or off the island can be hours.

The Miller Ferry departs from the northern tip of Catawba Island on State Route 53 North. Ample safe parking, including pay and free parking options, are available at the point of departure. There are areas for passenger and luggage drop off at the top of the dock at all points of departure.

Miller Ferry -Planning A Trip To Put-in-Bay

Miller Ferry operates the most frequent trip schedule and departure times are staggered depending on the time of the year. A published program can be viewed by clicking here: The schedule is generally followed unless conditions such as weather prevent doing so. Occasionally, other boats run to accommodate peak demand periods both on and off the island. If you do plan to bring a vehicle (not recommended), please be sure to read the vehicle guidelines.

Pay meticulous attention to the departure times of the last ferry of the day. The Jet Express Ferry offers Put-in-Bay’s only late-night service. On average, the crossing time to Put-in-Bay is  20 Minutes. Be sure to use this address for GPS Miller Ferry GPS Address 5174 E. Water St., Port Clinton, OH 43452

Plan Your Put-in-Bay Lodging Accommodations

Many of the Put-in-Bay Hotels, such as the Put-in-Bay Resort, Bay Lodging Resort, and the Edgewater Hotel, offer Put-in-Bay Discount Packages that include a golf cart rental as part of the package! Don’t forget you will always get your lowest hotels and Put-in-Bay Home Rental Rates by booking directly with the central reservation center. To reach them, call 888-742-7829. Off booking sites such as Expedia and raise the rates of local hotels charge to make a profit.

Book Your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental On-Line In Advance!!

Picture of how to get around Put-in-Bay on a golf cart

An eight-passenger golf cart makes the perfect family transport!

Miller Ferry lands on the southern side of the island, not in the downtown area. It is approximately a 2.5-mile walk and if you are arriving as a passenger, reserving a golf cart online in advance is recommended as quantities are limited. Put-in-Bay Golf Carts offers the islands the most modern, largest, and newest fleet of rentals and is a convenient, affordable way to travel the island. Golf Carts are operated as licensed motor vehicles. They are equipped to seat 2, 4 6 & 8 people.

Overnight rentals are available by reservation and a popular option. Upon departing the Miller Ferry, there are ample numbers of Put-in-Bay Taxi Cabs and a bus that brings you into town where you will find the heart of the island and most of the  Put-in-Bay Attractions. Reserving your golf carts in advance also ensures that you receive the lowest rates. Many times rental agencies raise rates as availability decreases. Book online for your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart!

Ticket Prices For The Miller Ferry To Put-In-Bay


Adult $7.50
Child (6-11yrs.) $1.50
Child (under 6yrs.) Free
Bicycle $2.00
Car  $17.00
Motorcycles $16.00

Vehicle Fare is in Addition to Passengers      Bike/luggage Rack Extra

Vehicle Information & Guidelines To And From Put-in-Bay

Miller Ferry is able to transport Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, and boats on trailers to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island. They strive to provide reliable, safe, convenient Put-in-Bay Ferry crossings. Alcoholic beverages and containers are not permitted to be open on board all Miller Boat Line ferries and grounds. Be sure to read and make notes about these guidelines for bringing a vehicle.

Vehicles Traveling to Put-in-Bay Ohio (South Bass Island)

  • You are NOT required to have a reservation.  Vehicles are transported on first arrival, first departure basis as the schedule shows.
  •  On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, vehicles can make a round trip passage within the same day. However, because of more substantial traffic, The Miller Ferry is not able to transport a round trip a vehicle on the same day on Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday Mondays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend.

Vehicles Departing Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island)

  • During Fall & Spring Schedules – Vehicles must be in line for departure before 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday and in line for departure before 4:00 pm on Sundays and Holiday Mondays in order to be assured passage off of Put-in-Bay South Bass Island to the mainland.
  • During Summer Schedules -Vehicles must be in line for departure before 6:00 pm each day to be guaranteed transportation off Put-in-Bay where the same-day return is offered.

Drivers Checklist Put-in-Bay Vehicles 

  • Pay close attention to Peak Demand Periods and try to avoid going to Put-in-Bay on Friday afternoons/evenings, and returning from Put-in-Bay on Sundays and Holiday Mondays. During these peak times, Miller Ferries will sometimes run extra trips but are not guaranteed.
  • Schedules may change without notice.
  • The Miller Ferry reserves the right to limit the number of vehicles to accommodate more passengers when required.
  • Reservations are not required. Vehicles are transported on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Commercial vehicles that are over one-half ton must have reservations made by 4:00 pm at least one day before passage. Please be in line 20 Minutes before your reservation departure time.
  • Motorcycles are taken along with vehicles on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations are not accepted.
    • Miller Ferry provides Wheel Chocks and two Two tie-downs.
    • It is the Captain’s Discretion to choose to carry motorcycles during high winds and or rough seas.
    • The Captain may elect to choose to carry more than two motorcycles without tie-downs when weather conditions permit.
  • Due to Maritime Security regulations, all vehicles, customers, and baggage may be subject to inspection at any time before or during a trip.
  • Customers are permitted two 5-gallon approved containers of gasoline or propane to be brought on board the Miller Ferry.
    The containers must be stored inside the vehicle. No gasoline/propane containers may be carried on as a passenger.
  • Trucks with saddle tanks in the bed of the pickup are not permitted, due to regulations of the US Coast Guard.
  • Be sure to set the emergency brake on your vehicle once you have boarded the ferry.
  • There is no smoking onboard the ferry or in shelter houses.


The Miller Ferry Boats Are The Heart Of The Company. United States Coast Guard Inspected Annually For Your Safety, Comfort And Security!

Photo Of The Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry


The Islander

The Islander was placed in service in 1983 and continues to operate today.

Photo Of The Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry


The Wm. Market

The Wm. Market began serving the Lake Erie Islands in 1993

Photo Of The Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry


The Put-in-Bay began service in 1997 and was stretched in 2010 to accommodate more vehicles


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