The News October 2021 

Great Lakes Islands Alliance Summit Postponed

We want to thank all the Lake Erie Islands of Kelleys, Middle Bass Pelee, and South Bass for generous support and sponsorship of the 2021 Great Lakes Islands Summit. As you may have heard, with the borders not fully opened between the U.S. and Canada, the Great Lakes Islands Alliance (GLIA) has decided to postpone the in-person Summit this year out of respect to our Canadian members.

Further, reluctance to travel during the pandemic threatened our attendance numbers on the U.S. side of the membership as well. Plans are already underway to pivot to a winter virtual event, which is sure to attract a broad audience from around the Great Lakes and beyond. As for the Summit, GLIA is committed to holding the next Summit in fall 2022 on the Lake Erie islands. We anticipate it being the greatest Summit ever! GLIA is a volunteer-based network.

Your support is crucial for GLIA to host these events. Sponsors will be recognized on our website and at each of these events. GLIA remains busy on many other fronts. Peter Huston, GLIA project manager, will be making visits to all 16 member islands this fall to learn about local needs and raise awareness about GLIA.

He is also working on several projects, including understanding common issues around ferries, linking efforts to increase broadband on islands, creating a video project between islands schools, developing a speakers series, and many other efforts. GLIA has also started engaging on social media at

NPS Awards Contract for Monument Seawall Restoration

Exciting News October 2021 from Put-in-Bay, Ohio – The National Park Service awarded a construction contract to ES Wagner Company of Oregon, Ohio for the restoration of the seawalls at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The total contract value of this work is $24,964,290.

Superintendent Rowles said, “We are excited to reach this milestone and looking forward to working with ES Wagner Company to complete this critical project. We will use the winter months to prepare for the start of work in the spring of 2022, and construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.” Years of wave action, ice loading, and geological processes have deteriorated and undermined the two seawalls, resulting in sinkholes and other unsafe conditions.

Both seawalls are functionally necessary to protect the park’s cultural resources due to the proximity of Lake Erie and the relatively low elevation of the park. Specifically, the project includes the following:

• Rehabilitation of 3,340 linear feet of seawalls
• Partial demolition of the North Seawall – west section; construction of a new seawall to raise the level of the wall up to
Twelve inches above existing height.
• Full demolition of the North Seawall – center section; construction of a new seawall to raise the level of the wall typically
Twelve inches above existing height, with a smooth transition to the 24 inches above the existing height of the North Seawall
– east section.
• Realignment of a 128 linear foot curved section of the North Seawall – center section.
• Partial demolition of the North Seawall – east section construction of a new seawall to raise the level of the wall to
Twenty-four inches above existing height.
• Partial demolition of the South Seawall; construction of a new seawall to raise the level of the wall typically 18 inches
above existing height.
• Patch repairs of cracked and spalled concrete on the North and South Seawalls.
• Replacement of rip rap with an 80-foot extension of the South Seawall.
• Replacement of stormwater systems, including the construction of two pump stations, drainage pipe, and replacement of
existing catch basins to better facilitate water removal.
• Installation of a sidewalk along the North Seawall.
• Replacement of the existing sidewalk along the South Seawall.
• Grading and fill placement to accommodate sidewalks and the new seawall heights.
• Temporary construction workspaces.
• Installation of lighting elements within the North and South Seawall.
• Installation of an interpretive plaza along the North Seawall depicting life-size images of the U.S. Brig Lawrence and HMS Detroit.
• Installation of new benches and trash receptacles at three new seating areas.
• Work is underway now by Ohio Edison to temporarily relocate electric service lines, ensuring that power is provided
to East Point and the Upper Islands throughout the project. Frontier and Spectrum will also be relocating service lines soon.

Daily News October 2021

Wed., Sept. 1st – Thanks to Hurricane Ida, Miller Boat Line cancels the 8 p.m. trip leaving Put-in-Bay and the 8:30 p.m. trip leaving Catawba. Roger Rhoad and Justine Cultice enjoy their traditional father/daughter bucket of beer on the porch at the Roundhouse. There’s a new book on the Put-in-Bay StoryWalk Trail…..Come sing along with the Noisy Birds. Special thanks to Mark Wilhelm for helping with installation and to Joe Scarpelli of Fox Stone Products for the use of a tool.

Thu., Sept. 2nd – The temp is delightful, the wind dies, but the flies are biting like crazy. Matt Parker gives his brother Ben (aka Ben Dover) a tour of the island. Ben enjoys a visit with his mom, Annie Parker, plus sees other family and friends. Every outside table at the Put-in-Bay is filled for Dick’s Burger Night.

Fri., Sept. 3rd – Put-in-Bay Gazette Editor Kendra Koehler, Garden Club President Barb Hunter, and Debbie Larcey from the Hamptons at Fox’s Den take the Jet Express to Kelleys Island for a bit of day of fun.

Sat., Sept. 4th – Jeanette Luecke is gardening at her home on Airport Rd. There’s a luau at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club. Miller Ferry is featured on World’s Greatest T.V.! on Bloomberg Television. There’s a garage sale at Glenn Cooper and Jackie Taylor’s residence on East Point.

Sun., Sept. 5th – There’s a bit of a break in the antique car parade, which delays candy truck to the dismay of some island kids.

Mon., Sept. 6th – There’s a potluck at the Crew’s Nest for the antique car parades with entertainment by J.D. Owen. The Labor Day parade unofficial count is 75. Matthew Stacy (Put-in-Bay High School Class of 2019) turns 21. It’s the last day that the Crew’s Nest pool will be open
for the season. For the last ferry send off there’s a firework show that for some are the best of 2021.

A big shout out to Ty Winchester and his helper Adam from Pasquale’s who were at the end of the dock shooting off the fireworks. There’s also live entertainment featuring Allie Market, Westside Steve, and Dick McCarthy. After the send-off, fans see Ray Fogg and Bob Gatewood together on stage at the Reel Bar.

Tue., Sept. 7th – Monk Nemec, Susan Novak Byrnes, Sue Ferguson, Greg and Paula Ziebarth, and new pickers, Tracy and Joe Ruch, are picking grapes in Lisa and Russ Brohl’s vineyard. Jenny Fuchs is picking Concords in Heineman’s Catawba Ave. Vineyard. Cameo Pizza closes for the day to give its employees a break.

The ferry schedule for Middle Bass Island changes, a sign that the season is ending. Graveside services take place for Bill Parker. It’s Hot Wheels Night at the library! There are several Put-in-Bay Golf Carts decorated for the event!

Wed., Sept. 8th – It’s a spectacular September day! Put-in-Bay Village Council Member Jake Market, Village Administrator Anne Auger, and Mayor Jessica Dress meet to discuss financing for water treatment plant improvements. The Goat staff enjoys a Cameo Pizza Night at Joe’s Bar. At the Reel Bar, there’s a wine tasting dinner with five fine wines from Burgundy, France with sommelier Robby Lucas (PIBHS Class of 1999) and Chef Terry Galvin from the Boardwalk.

Thu., Sept. 9th – The Monument staff reports to work and finds black spray-painted graffiti on the park’s north seawall. The welcome to Put-in-Bay sign by the Lime Kiln is also vandalized. Greg Dobos, Mark Wilhelm, Doug Wilhelm, and Ryan Daugherty place 343 flags in front of the PIBPD in remembrance of the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. There is a Celebration of Life for Nick James at Oak Point State Park. It’s followed by a luncheon at the Town Hall.

Fri., Sept. 10th – The Village Council meets to pass an emergency ordinance directing the Village Administrator Anne Auger to apply for Ohio Public Works Commission funding for repairs and repainting the Put-In-Bay water tower. The Perry Group commemorates the 208th Battle of Lake Erie with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Battle Site. The Jet Express takes a group to the buoy that marks where the battle was fought in Lake Erie.

Rides over the islands are available on the Ford Trimotor at the Put-in-Bay Airport. Ray Fogg plays at Round House in the afternoon. Rudy Cooks & The Island Girl Christie Ontko are broadcasting their show live from The Fishbowl. Russ Brohl’s sister Helen is with them sharing stories from local experts about mayflies, ore carriers, and winemaking from her podcast called North Coast Chronicles.

Sat., Sept. 11th – In honor of those who served during the events of 9/11, Police, Firefighters, and EMS ride the Jet Express for free. It’s a busyPhoto of October news 2021 9-11 Remembrance day on the island. There’s an auction at Bill White’s garage on Put-in-Bay Rd. There’s an eclectic mix of memorabilia of all sorts, plus furniture, tools, and more.

At the Monument, it’s Historic Weekend, and the reenactors are out in full force at the 1812 camp with displays and demonstrations of things from more than 200 years ago.

There’s also a 9/11 memorial ceremony complete with a display of all the flags from all the countries that lost people on 9/11. As the day progresses, numerous helicopter and Ford Trimotor rides are being enjoyed, plus the Goodyear blimp flies over the island.

In DeRivera Park, Arts in the Park is taking place, plus there’s a presentation by the Put-in-Bay Panther Baton Twirling Club.

At the Yacht Club, friends and family gather to celebrate the life of longtime East Point resident Marylou Ramsbottom. With the noise from the air, golf cart horns, and musket and artillery demonstrations at the Monument, the island is a pretty noisy place. On Middle Bass Island, there’s a celebration of life for John Glauser at the Town Hall.

Hazard’s holds its inaugural Prom (luau themed). Adding to the excitement is the report of a 70 ft.-plus yacht that loses power and is pushed up on the rocky shore on Middle Bass. The occupants are rescued by the Coast Guard.

Sun., Sept. 12th – The Friends of Stone Laboratory holds its Virtual Annual Meeting in the morning. At the Monument in the afternoon, the old-fashioned baseball game between the Muffins and the Mossbacks takes place. And if you’re not into catching baseballs, you can catch Monarch butterflies at the South Bass Island Lighthouse and tag them.

We hear about 75 were tagged. An “Ohio. Find It Here.” commercial is being filmed on one of the Miller ferries. Twenty-two Road Scholars begin arriving on South Bass for an almost weeklong “Birding the Shores and Islands” program. One of the many reasons to visit Put-in-Bay!

Mon., Sept. 13th – Miller’s Put-in-Bay ferry schedule changes. The monthly Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting is held at Hooligans. Joe’s Bar is the place to be! The 2nd annual “Sloppy Scotty Eating Contest” takes place with $1500 from proceeds of a 50/50 raffle going to the Put-in-Bay Vol. Fire Dept. Contest winners include Rachel Barry, Taylor Hanes, Johnny Vandenberg, and Kenny Crawford.

Tue., Sept. 14th – The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets and hears complaints about helicopter noise and loud music. Ohio Edison is at the Monument and begins the process of temporarily putting up overhead electric poles so that the underground transmission lines along the North Seawall can be removed for the upcoming construction work.

The lines will be reburied once construction is complete. The storm at bedtime knocks out power to East Point and the upper islands for about 90 to 120 minutes.

Wed., Sept. 15th – The Words & Wine Book Club meets at the West Shore home of Doris Hubschman. Put-in-Bay’s American Legion celebrates the 100th birthday of their post with a dinner at the Goat, compliments of Goat owner and Legion member Scott Jackson. The Garden Club holds its last member meeting of the season at the yacht club.

Thu., Sept. 16th – The Resale Shop puts out bikes from the police department’s impound lot for $5 each. The last of the elevated temporary docks are removed from B-Dock. The huge yacht that half-sunk off on Middle Bass arrives in Sandusky after several days bouncing against the rocks at Schneider’s dock.

Fri., Sept. 17th – It’s school picture day at Put-in-Bay school. Some of the students go on a bit of a field trip where they clean a beach. Ford Broncos start arriving on the island for the Broncos on the Bay gathering on Saturday.

Sat. Sept. 18th – How many of these island events did you enjoy today? The Miller Boat Line 5K, the Put-in-Bay Music Festival, the Broncos on the Bay gathering and parade, the Halfway to St. Patty’s Day parade and festivities at Hooligans, the Put-in-Bay VFD’s Island Clambake, the Sausage Fest at the Goat Biergarten, the ranger talks, rangers singing, ukulele lessons, and corn hole at the Monument Peace Garden, the New Year’s at the Bay games on Delaware Ave., or the grape stomp at J.F. Walleye’s on Middle Bass?

Or maybe you were making News October 2021 at an island wedding, at one of the crowded pool bars, watching the Ohio State game in one of the island bars, or among the OSU Newark group of environmental science students taking a full day of aquatic science classes at Stone Lab?

Sun., Sept. 19th – Sponsors for the Antique Car Parade are Toby and Stephanie Landreth and the Goat Biergarten. The weather forecast isn’t
looking good for the coming week’s Road Race Reunion. A group of island mothers meets for dinner at the Goat.

Mon., Sept. 20th – Portions of the Monument grounds are closed so Ohio Edison can string wires on the temporary poles that they recently
placed. The Fire Engine Bar across from the Reel Bar is an empty lot at the end of the day. A bigger fire truck bar will take its place in 2022. Bartenders at Rita’s Cantina donate their tips to the Patrick Myers scholarship fund!

Tue., Sept. 21st – The race car drivers have fun running the old racecourse used by original road racers back in the 1950s and early 1960s.
The vintage road race cars are on display at Heineman Winery, where the drivers also enjoy a wine and cheese party. Also at the winery, they are pressing Concord grapes from the Duff, Brohl, and Heineman Concord vineyards. Bassett’s Market holds a flu shot clinic at the EMS after lunch. There is a nature scavenger hunt in Cooper’s Woods after school.

Wed., Sept. 22nd – Miller and Jet ferry service to the islands is canceled due to rain and sustained 30 mph winds out of the north. The Museum and Resale Shop are closed due to the weather conditions. Those race car drivers who are chomping at the bit to start the race trials at the airport have to wait a day due to the weather. There are trees down across Thompson Rd. by Heineman Winery (branch on live wires
with sparks and smoldering), one across West Shore Blvd. near Portsmouth, and another in DeRivera Park.

Thu., Sept. 23rd – Some of the Miller crew are up in the wee hours of the morning moving a boat from one side of the Lime Kiln Dock to the other because of a wind shift at 4 a.m. Bob Bahney posts the final stats for the storm – wind 55 mph out of the northeast and rainfall of about 1¼ Inches. Put-in-Bay Seniors are treated to a free box lunch thanks to Ottawa County Senior Resources.

The lunch prepared by Slater’s Food & Spirits in Port Clinton consists of a sliced turkey and cheddar croissant sandwich with lettuce and tomato, potato salad, watermelon, and chocolate chip cookie. The vintage road race cars are racing at the airport after a one-day postponement. The Biergarten at the Goat Restaurant is busy in the late afternoon as road racers compete in their traditional Rocker Cover races. Duff Spatafore officiates at the event. There’s a lapse in Verizon cell phone service on the island.

Fri., Sept. 24th – Due to the postponement on Wednesday, the vintage road racers are still racing at the airport. The airport opens mid-afternoon once the races end. Island artist Celeste Mycoskie from Lakeview Allotment on East Point is celebrating her 80th birthday. It’s a sad day for Put-in-Bay, as island electrician Scott Pugh is laid to rest at Crown Hill Cemetery. A reception follows at the Niagara Event Center.

Sat., Sept. 25th – The Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association (PIBPOA) meets at the Perry’s Cave Pavilion, according to news October 2021
Guest speakers include art teacher Jody Amsden from Put-in-Bay High School, Lisa Brohl from the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, Sergeant.
Mike Wheeler from the Put-in-Bau PD and island media guru Kathi Spayde.

PIBPOA Trustee elections are also held. The Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau Sale Away Weekend is taking place with sales at businesses and yard sales at homes and cottages on the island. For those who like imported beer and polka music, the Oktgoaterfest takes place at Das Lokal, the Goat’s Biergarten. The Crew’s Nest holds its closedown party. The theme is “back to school.” On North Bass, funeral services are held for Ruth Stonerook, a longtime resident. You can read more about Ruth in News October 2021.

Sun., Sept. 26th – The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy’s annual meeting/fall potluck party takes place at Heineman Winery in the afternoon. The last official antique car parade for 2021 takes place. Summer 2021. The post-parade sponsors are the Fishbowl and Mossbacks. This is the last day the Lake Erie Islands Nature, and Wildlife Center is open for the season.

Mon., Sept. 27th – It’s a gorgeous day to be a tourist visiting Put-in-Bay, but there aren’t too many of them. The new owners of Bay Lodging Resort holds an islander appreciation and closeout party for the season’s end. Foundation work begins for the new ladder truck that will make for a larger fire engine bar next season at the site of the former Parkers Garage.

Tue., Sept. 28th – Street pavers are busy on Catawba Ave. near the Mitchell/Thompson intersection. At the Reel Bar, there’s a Fine Bourbon Tasting. Pairings are prepared by Northern Haserot’s corporate chef, Jason Baliman. Miller Boat Line holds a fun-filled, Vegas-themed employee party at the Boardwalk’s Upper Deck.

Wed., Sept. 29th – The Fuchs and Market families find themselves without Spectrum cable service after a truck hauling one section of modular home clips the lines running from the electric poles to their houses. Kendra Koehler is at the museum putting the final touches on the baskets that will be auctioned off at the Wine Festival at the Put-in-Bay Winery on the weekend.

Thurs., Sept. 30th – The Island Wine Festival tents are going up at the Put-in-Bay Winery in the morning. It’s Burger Night at Put-in-Bay Yacht Club, and the guest grillmaster is “Listen to Larry” Schrader from the West Shore. The regular grillmaster, Dick Bliss, and his wife Betty leave the island and head to Florida for the winter according to News October 2021.

News October 2021 From Put-in-Bay VFD and EMS 

“Opening of the Island/Closing of the Island” of Grosse Ile, Michigan, (OOTI/COTI, is an organization that consists of members representing seven local boat/yacht clubs that for nearly 35 years, have hosted an event in early June of a blessing of the fleet and a boat parade off the shore of Southern Grosse Ile, Michigan.

Fundraising for its event had always been challenging and creative until 17 years ago when they chartered the Jet Express to take almost 300 people from the Ford Yacht Club, Grosse Ile, to Put-in-Bay for the day in late September. October news 2021 reports that event was so successful both in response and financially, that the following year they added a second Jet Express with nearly 600 people. From that second year, many of those that attended asked if there was a way to stay the night.

So, for the third year, they made arrangements that one Jet Express of nearly 300 people would stay the night at Put-in-Bay Hotels departing late Sunday afternoon. A number of Put-in-Bay businesses have contributed to the group’s success by donating raffle items and providing discounts at their businesses for the guests. With its fundraising success, the group has found its committee coffers in surplus and has started
to make various donations, most notably, the Toy’s for Tot’s program as the Marines participate with their program in June.

As a committee, they discussed how they could give back to the community of Put-in-Bay as they are the source of the success. So, during
their trip in 2019, the organization made a contribution to the Put-in-Bay Fire Department and the EMS. Again this year, on September
18th, Russ Vaughn, a lifelong visitor to Put-in-Bay and the chairman of the organization, came to the island on Clambake day and
made those donations again.

Property Owners Hear Police Report and News October 2021

On the cold and windy last Saturday in September, members of the Put-in-Bay Property Owners met to discuss a variety of reports and proposals. Mother Mary Staley asked how many islanders were present. Six? Of those who were born here? One! Noting that while she had served this community continuously for more than five years she was not an islander although she has been an islander on different islands
twice before.

Rather than debate criteria for the current meaning of “islander”, she proposed the creation of a new category – New Wave Islander – based on points earned for commitment to and experience on the island. The New Wave Islander tee-shirt, list of point-getting experiences and a promise of bumper stickers can be found at her email

Sgt. Mike Wheeler from the Put-in-Bay PD reported that five full-time officers would drive two new squad cars this winter. Next year, officers will be assisted by an Intoxilazer 800 breathalyzer which will provide instant readings of blood alcohol levels allowing officers to ticket offenders immediately. No more waiting for lab results! In 2022 all officers will have a week of training in Standard Operating Procedures.

Lisa Brohl detailed the recent acts of vandalism in the Dodge Woods Story walk and noted efforts to prevent re-occurrences. Jody Anderson, a three-year resident now teaching art full time at the Put-in-Bay school, reported on her project connecting Put-in-Bay high schoolers with
senior citizens to preserve their memories in artworks.

Kathi Spayde explained the purpose of the new UNITED Put-in-Bay committee and asked those with questions to contact the committee founders Joe Cerny, Rudy Cooks, Jeff Grantham, and Christie Ontko. Guy Guidone and Jeff Grantham were elected to the Board of Trustee for three-year terms to replace retiring Joyce Slough and Gail McCracken.

Moss On The Rock News October 2021

Parking Violation Fines Increased

The Village’s Ordinance No. 1284 concerning parking violation fines was amended at the Council’s meeting in September. Parking fines were increased considerably. The fines for Double Parking went from $10 to $35, Blocking a Drive, Alley or Street from $15 to $40, Parking Against Traffic from $10 to $35, Improper or Prohibited Parking from $ 10 to $35, Parking in a Fire Zone or Near a Fire Hydrant from $50 to $75, and Parking in a Yellow Zone from $10 to $35.

Put-In-Bay EMS to Hold EMT Course

Put-in-Bay EMS will be holding an EMT course beginning later this fall. It is open to all island residents and will be complete by early spring. We rely on, and greatly appreciate our local volunteer EMT staff throughout the winter and are looking to add to our crew. As an EMT for Put-In-Bay EMS, you also have the option of working shifts during the busy summer season.

Please check the comments for further information as to the duties of an EMT. If you are interested in taking the course, please call the station at (419) 285-2401 and ask for Bernice, or send us a message through Facebook. We hope you’ll join us!

Yoga Classes at Nature Center

The Nature Center will be hosting yoga classes for islanders beginning Monday, October 11th, and running Mondays through December. Classes are forming now and will include both gentle stretching and vinyasa flow classes. 10-class punch cards can be purchased at a
reduced rate ($100) from the $15 drop-in cost. Both options (punch card and drop-in) will support the Nature Center. Reach out to Patricia Fisher by phone (419-250-8451) or email ( to be included.

Island Wine Festival & Put-in-Bay Fall Ball

On Saturday, October 2nd, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., the place to be is the Put-in-Bay Winery where the Island Wine Festival will be taking place. Sample more than 200 imported and domestic wines, including island wines. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of good food and excellent wine. Admission is $10.00 and includes a souvenir wine glass and four sample tickets.

Sample tickets are $2 each and sold at the door and in the tent. Most samples are $2 – $5. There will be retail bottle sales so you can take your favorite wine home with you. There will also be great silent auction items, including vacation packages, large bottles of wine, and other fine gifts. The silent auction benefits the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society.

The official annual Put-in-Bay Fall Ball will be held again this year at the Put-in-Bay Resort. This weekend has been an island tradition for almost 25 years. Those attending will enjoy a pizza buffet on Friday night and a cookout on Saturday. All the big games will be on the island’s largest TV along with complimentary Frosty Cold Adult Beverages both days! To attend just book your room by calling 888-742-7829

Address Signs Still Available

The Put-In-Bay EMS and Put-In-Bay VFD are still offering the green address signs with big white letters signs at no charge for island residents. It is strongly encouraged that everyone gets one. If you ever need to call for emergency services, the EMS or firefighters want to reach you as quickly as possible.

Not having your address clearly marked can delay them in reaching you. The signs can be post-mounted or attached to objects in your yard such as trees, fences, posts, etc. Safety force members will even come out and install a sign for you if you’d like. Just give the Put-in-Bay EMS a call at (419) 285-2401 to request yours.

Catawba Avenue Paving Project

Ottawa County contracted with Geo. Gradel Company to reconstruct Catawba Avenue on Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island. The work has required traffic to be restricted to one lane during construction. Crews began work after Labor Day and will continue through Friday,
October 29th. The schedule is expected to be Monday through Thursday with some Friday work possible, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emergency vehicles, buses, and local traffic will be permitted access, but are advised to expect delays. Schedules are weather-dependent and subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact the Ottawa County Engineer’s office at (419) 734-6777.

Put-in-Bay Restaurants Get Federal Grants

Five Put-in-Bay restaurants were the recipients of $1.3 million in federal aid from U.S. Small Business Administration’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which was established through the American Rescue Plan passed by Congress. U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, announced the area grant awards saying, “In the midst of the worst pandemic in over a century, our beloved local restaurants, and
thousands of cooks, servers, and drivers, were dealt an almost insurmountable blow.”

Holiday Bazaar Saturday, October 16th

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center will be holding the Holiday Bazaar this month to help you with your Holiday Gift Shopping! Local candles, photos, paintings, jewelry, woodworking, organics, wreaths, cards, soaps, sweets, and more will be available.

Come and see what your neighbors have been making. The Holiday Bazaar is sponsored by the LEIC and the LEINWC. To have a $10 table, leave a message for Sarah at (419) 285-4448, text 802477-2091 or email sarah4cochran@gmail.
com. Last year’s outdoor Bazaar was so successful at the Goat’s Biergarten that it will take place there again. Rain location is on the Goat’s open porch, so no matter what the weather, put Saturday, October 16th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on your calendar.

Woody’s Scholarship Fundraiser

There will be a new scholarship for graduates of Put-in-Bay High School thanks to Woody Widmar as reported to news October 2021. To help fund the scholarship, Scott Jackson from the Goat Soup and Whiskey will be hosting Woody’s Harvest Fest, named after all the Harvest Dinners Woody cooked for at Tipper’s over the years. The inaugural event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 16th, at Das Lokal, the Goat’s Biergarten anytime from the start of the Bazaar until 6 p.m. This is the same day as the Holiday Bazaar, plus Phil Yan Polka Band will be entertaining.

The benefit will feature both a Thanksgiving-style turkey dinner and a Polish Kielbasa Plate for a $20 donation. Please stop by, do a little holiday shopping, enjoy some imports and some super-duper Polka music, and enjoy a meal that will help fund Woody’s Scholarship!

Put-in-Bay School News

69 Children from preschool to grade twelve started the 2021-2022 school year. We wish a warm welcome to our new students: Cal Jackson, pre-K; Moxie Spatafore, pre-K; Wade Wertenbach, pre-K; Jaylyn Shulkers, 8th; Richie Scarpelli, 9th, and Geoffrey Luecke, 9th.

The 2021 Cross Country season began with a couple of new faces, including high school students Kate Byrnes, Macy Ladd, and Jacob Seaman, as well as 7th grader Lear Cooks. Lukas Kostura and Cody Kowalski returned this year as the team’s veteran runners. On September 11th, our runners competed in their first-ever night meet at Seneca East High School commemorating the attacks this country faced on September 11th, 2001.

The team must have felt some good energy as many of our harriers recorded “personal bests” in this race. Other races
last month included the Miller Boat Line 5K on September 18th and the Ottawa County Meet on September 28th. Our high school runners will be competing at the OHSAA District Meet on October 23rd. Put-in-Bay School is very proud of these hardworking and dedicated student-athletes.

The Panther Volleyball team has started the year strong and has handled adversity on its way to a 4 – 5 record. Kate Byrnes was selected as a team captain, and the other members include Macy Ladd, Lilian Frederick, Elora Hubner, El Kostura, and Ava Heineman. The team has been working hard to improve its skill and accomplish team goals. The Panthers look to finish the year strong and finish with a winning record! Go Panthers.

After a year off due to Covid, grades five thru eight will be traveling to Oak Harbor High School again this year to participate in the Ottawa County Academic Challenge competition on October 19th and 20th. Students compete against teams from area schools to answer trivia questions on a wide variety of topics, including novels that the students were required to read. Good luck to all students that are participating!

Each year, Mrs. Cerny’s Spanish students invite one of the many Spanish-speaking island workers to speak to their class. This year, Ella Kostura invited one of her co-workers, Johan Portilla from Columbia. Johan conversed with the students in the Spanish language, answering their many questions about life in Colombia. This interaction gave students the opportunity to use their Spanish-speaking skills in an authentic context with a native speaker. The students were very appreciative of Johan’s willingness to take time to meet with them and help them hone their skills.

Several students in grades 9 to 10 are participating in a 7-week project under the guidance of the new art teacher, Jody Amsden. It is a collaboration between the art department and senior citizens from our community. The students and instructor work collaboratively to define and explore “other voices,” cultivate connections with those other voices by building a mutual relationship with a community partner,
and finally, develop specific creative responses throughout the 7-week experience.

Through sustained exploration of just one theme, this course structure is able to give priority to the development of specific cognitive skills and emotional intelligence for critical and creative thinking, empathy, iterative problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. At the end of the course, the students will present their
final artwork to their community partners.

The Put-in-Bay High School Quiz Bowl team hosted eight schools for the first competition of the season on Tuesday, September 14th. Our team includes 12th grader Kate Byrnes; 11th graders Macy Ladd and Alice Lentz ; 10th graders Joe Blumensaadt, Hope Cooks, Elora Hubner, Ella Kostura, and Emil Michael. Thank you to our volunteer readers, Gail McCracken, Dianne Smith, and Doug Mehling! Put-in-Bay played well, however lost all three matches against Upper Sandusky, Colonel Crawford, and Saint Joseph’s Central Catholic. We look forward to future competitions when we will have many opportunities to improve our game.

The Seneca-Wyandot-Sandusky-Crawford-Put-in-Bay High School Quiz Bowl League includes the following schools: Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Calvert, Carey, Clyde, Colonel Crawford, Columbian, Fostoria, Fremont Ross, Hopewell-Loudon, Mohawk, New Riegel, Old Fort, Ontario, Put-in-Bay, Riverdale, Seneca East, Shelby, St. Joseph Central Catholic, and Upper Sandusky. Players meet every Tuesday and Thursday, September through December during lunch to practice strategy, speed and accuracy. Get your GROWL on Panthers !!

The Erie Island Library (a branch of Ida Rupp) has graciously donated kites to the art department at Put in Bay. Students in grades 1 through 6 have been working diligently to create their own kite designs. Weather permitting, Karen Wilhelm from the library would like to fly the student’s creations during the first week of October. The High School Science Program is off to a great start this year with students in grades seven thru twelve participating in many hands-on activities.

Students have already conducted several ‘citizen science projects’ including monarch tagging, bird banding, creating a field guide for use in the elementary, and identifying and cataloging island wildlife with the help of the “Naturalist app.” They’ve also started researching topics for their science fair projects for the annual competition in February. We’re excited to see what they come up with this year!

The “Goat Soup and Whiskey Restaurant” is tentatively planning a fundraiser dinner on Saturday, October 16th, that will benefit a scholarship that is being established by Woody Widmar. Details for this event will be forthcoming. Our school utilizes “School Messenger” to inform parents of important announcements such as school closings or delays. We will now make this available to everyone in our community. If you would like to be notified by text or voice message of school closings or delays, announcements of events, etc., please contact the school at 419-285-3614 to sign up.