Red Moon Saloon

Picture of Red Moon Saloon234 Delaware Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Red Moon Bar

Red Moon Saloon

A sophisticated and intimate speakeasy, the Red Moon Saloon transports patrons to the days of Prohibition. Located next to the Park Hotel, this saloon feels like your private hideaway. Speakeasy is a term that originated many years ago to encourage patrons to act in a relaxed manner when imbibing illegal liquor. The decor, drinks, and offerings are period correct and captivating

The Red Moon Saloon Particulars

The Red Moon Salon sits at the corner of Loraine and Delaware Avenues. Situated next to the iconic Round House Bar and across from DeRivera Park, this bar is ideal for a little entertainment preceding dinner or a few evening dances before bed.

Park Hotel itself was built in the 1870s, and the entire building has been historically preserved. The hotel’s original dining hall is now the Red Moon Saloon. Previously, space was also the Winter Bar, Chicken Patio indoor seating, an employee break room, a band room, and hosted various Round House Bar events.

An original tin ceiling highlights the darkly lit bar now painted gold, period correct Jacquard wallpaper with a vintage feel, and engraved table tops offer comfortable seating. These tabletops are quite unusual. Old picnic tables from The Round House Bar used in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s have now transformed into cocktail tables. Put-in-Bay History is very much alive at the Red Moon.

Drinks at the Red Moon

The Red Moon relives the days of Prohibition in both its cocktail menu as well as settings. Their extensive wine list features bottles from all over the world, including a great selection of West Coast wines. Craft beers, including some local favorites like Great Lakes Brewing, share the list with domestic and imported offerings. Try one of their beer cocktails! The bartender pairs something like Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA with passion fruit, mango, and ginger beer! A unique and refreshing summer beverage.

Try a custom martini or one of their new classics to feel like a socialite.

Red Moon Saloon Drink Menu Highlights

• Espresso Martini
• Sparkle Martini
• Strawberry Balsamic Martini
• Colonial Fizz
• Blueberry Mojito
• Lake Erie Storm
• Gimlet

Red Moon creates its cocktails using only freshest ingredients and top-shelf liquor. From an vanilla vodka espresso martini withto  the Red Moon Martini with ABSOLUT,  Cointreau, lime, and Cranberry, each martini is as individual as the Red Moon itself. Other classic cocktails include the Pimm’s Cup,Sloe Gin Fizz, and the Sidecar

Prohibition on Put-in-Bay

For those who dared to break the law, Lake Erie held a lot of promise during Prohibition. The frozen lake provided an ideal spot to run liqour from Canada. Both men and women risked getting caught by the authorities to supply the nearby speakeasies with alcohol. Highly modified “ice cars” trsnported liquor in the dead of night ising the island as stopovers or hideouts.

The Park Hotel holds a place in the history books with the story of a maid named Magi, who was caught one wintry night attempting to run rum with her lover known only as Max. The arrest occurred during their last planned run across the lake in his 30 ft. Belle Isle Bearcat named “Midnight Fox”. A tragic yet romantic story, perfect for the Red Moon.