Crystal Cave Gift Shop

Picture of Crystal Cave Gift Shop978 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Crystal Cave Gift Shop

The Crystal Cave Gift Shop is one of the best shops located near the village of Put-In-Bay, featuring a wide variety of keepsakes and an amazing wine collection from Heineman’s Winery (a historical winery in Put-In-Bay). The gift shop offers you a wide variety of products, ranging from educational gifts to collectibles that are themed as the Crystal Cave treasures and designs. Not only that but Crystal Cave Gift Shop also sells some of the very famous juices and wines produced in Put-In-Bay.

Crystal Cave Gift Shop – The Particulars

Crystal Cave Gift Shop is known for selling some of the best products like souvenirs, gems, geodes, crystals and various bottles of wines produced at the winery. The location of the Crystal Cave gift shop is within the Heineman’s Winery, and it opens every day from the hours of 11 am – 7 pm. The hours for Sundays are different: 12 pm – 7 pm. If you plan on visiting the Crystal Cave Gift Shop, do take a tour of the Heineman property and the Crystal Cave. It will definitely be interesting and worthwhile. You can also tour the wine garden and get a taste of their award-winning wines and one of the popular wines and cheese plates.

History of the Heineman Winery

The Heineman Winery is a historical property and has been known for producing the wines since the year 1888. The founder of this winery was an immigrant from Germany: Gustav. Due to its unique location and due to Gustav’s Grandson, this winery was able to survive the prohibition on wines and other spirits. At the time of enactment of the prohibition, there were around 17 other wineries in the area. Also, the Lake Erie Islands are just the perfect place with the perfect soil to grow Grapes and produce the best wines.

The Crystal Cave was founded in the year 1897 by miners, and in not really a cave but like a large cavity also called a vug, within a single rock. It’s a beautiful view, you’ll know when you visit. Their whole cave emits blue light, and a crystal protrudes that makes the view even more breathtaking.

About Wines of Heineman Winery

Since old times, Norman Heineman started giving tours of the cave and placed more emphasis on that, rather than the wine business. However, they came back to the wine business in the year 1933, and the price of the tour includes purchasing a wine glass. This winery is the only one that can produce wine directly from their 50 acres of vineyard.

They specialize is iced as well as a sweet wine.  Some of the people’s favorites that you must try when you visit are Pink Catawba and Niagara. Bottles can be purchased easily from the gift shop as well as online if you are someone who prefers online buying mediums more convenient. However, you should not miss the chance to take a tour of this amazing spot, as every minute would be worthwhile and amazing.  Adding to this, the prices are also reasonable for quality wines.

Purchasing Wines To Take Home

The Crystal Cave Gift Shop can package your selected wines for travel and in many cases, they re able to deliver to local Put-in-Bay Hotels, Home Rentals & Bed & Breakfasts. Be sure to place your order early in the day to allow time for it to be packed for travel and delivered to your location. Many of the local Put-in-Bay Restaurants will allow you to enjoy a bottle of local wine with your dinner.