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Jessies Jewelry

Jessies Jewelry Put-in-Bay

Each year in the bust summer season, Put-In-Bay is swarmed with local bands and artists of all kinds. Many returning tourists always come back just to see a particular band play. Tourists will even come back just to go shopping due to all the numerous unique shops that are offered on South Bass Island. One of these unique local shops is owned by the one and only local artisit Jessie Green. She operates her own jewelry shop making very different and unique pieces that attract guests annually.

Jessies Jewelry Particulars

The adorably decorated shop is located right next to The Keys Restaurant complex. It is also located next to the Jet Express arrives and departs and right on the waterfront. Part of what makes Jessie’s Jewelry so unique is that eac piece that is sold is hand made personally by her and sometimes with the help of family members as well.

In the Winter, Jessie spends her days walking around thewaterfront, looking for the perfect stones to use for her pieces. Her father then personally curves and cuts the stones, They are then polished to perfection before being contructed into art. Jessie personally designs all the pieces while her mother carefully creates fine crocheted lines for each item. All of Jessie’s Jewelry are single one off items that are sold. You can say it’s definitely team effort to make each piece alone.

Jessies Jewelry Sample Pieces

  • Perry’s Peace Memorial Pendants
  • Pendants that have unique types of stone for a truly custom appearance
  • Charm Jewelry
  • Naturalized Free Formed Pieces such as rings and pendants shaped like birds

Each item that is offered for sale at the shoprepresents this beautiful island in some manner. The items make a great souvenir for someone who has never visited Put-in-Bay. These pieces can also be a great gift for people who do love the island because of everything they represent. Jessie also offers custom made pieces; however, each item takes about two months to make, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Jessies Jewelry allows everyone to take a little piece of the island back home with them to treasure all the right moments that were spent on Put-in-Bay.

In the Jessies Jewelry Neighborhood

One of the many popular Put-in-Bay Restaurants on the island, The Keys is home to Caribbean themed drinks and cuisine. The location and views of Lake Erie are a big reason why people enjoy dining at The Keys.

They are well known for their hand-breaded perch sandwiches, alongside the many other delicious items on their menu. The signature Key lime tartar sauce is the perfect pairing for their famous Conch Fritters and Lake Erie perch dinners.

Many Other popular menu items include their homemade chicken tortilla soup, freshly cut salads and homemade Crab Bisque.

The Keys are also famous for the different events that they host. From their live music, guest can enjoy sitting around a fire pit while roasting marshmallows and enjoying the talented local artists and sing along. It is never a dull moment watching the sunset while having dinner on their patio.

They are also known for their popular frozen rum cocktails. One of their main drinks is called the Dark and stormy, which most people seem to enjoy when arriving at The Keys. They also offer a large selection of beers and wine as well.

For all the boaters out there, The Keys is also home to the Park Place Boat club, which provides exclusive benefits for all its members. Onsite, they also have their shop called Local Color, where different arts and crafts can be available for kids that are coming to spend some time at the keys.

The Keys could not be better located. Its beautiful and expansive building is the first thing you see when you arrive at the island via the Jet Express Ferry. The Keys also includes their own shop, Local Color as well as the only fire pit on the island. The Park Place Boat Club is also on site, which provides exclusive benefits to its members. This venue is large enough to accommodate big groups of people and meetings as they offer a catered menu for special events as well. The Keys is definitely a popular venue that provides its own unique environment that is a must-visit Restaurant.