The Bucket Shop

Picture of The Bucket Shop gift shop230 Delaware Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
The Bucket Shop

The Bucket Shop Put-in-Bay

The Bucket Shop at the Roundhouse Bar is a must-see of fans of the world-famous Round House Bar. Memorialize your time at Put-in-Bay and the Round House by taking home some serious swag from The Bucket Shop. From crazy to cool, wild to funny, t’s all right here!

The Bucket Shop Particulars

Fun items include t-shirts, hoodies, earings polo shirts, and blankets. The Red Bucket earings are a big seller and represent the long-standing tradition of serving beer in a big red bucket.donning a pair of red bucket earrings. There are drink containers, dog leashes, and even an old wine barrel you can take home!

They specialize in fun and silly hats and socks in every many colors and some with stripes. Roundhouse Bar baseball hats are available in a range of colors and styles. Some are predistressed. Treat yourself to a souvenir or grab some garb for great Christmas or birthday gifts. Everyone loves Put-in-Bay! The Bucket shop sells marriage licenses, but no worries; they also sell same-day divorces!

The Round House Bar

The Round House began it’s life as the Columbia Restaurant in 1873. Ever since, it has been an island landmark and destination. Both as the Columbia and the current Roundhouse Bar, it has been an island favorite since its early days. As the Columbia Restaurant, it was well known for ice cream, cottage cheese, and ice-cold beer.

 Ice harvested from Lake Erie in the winter kept products cold all summer long. Ice was stored in “ice houses” and covered in thick layers of sawdust to prevent it from melting. The Round House is known for its round red shape and the round bar inside. The McCann family has owned and operated the building since the 1950s. They painted the exterior the iconic red, white, and blue and also commissioned two islanders to stitch together the canopy, which still hangs from the ceiling to this day.

The Bucket Shop Atmosphere

The atmosphere is decidedly fun, friendly, and brimming with good times. Several live musical acts play daily during the summer season. Mike “Mad Dog” Adams is one of the most popular acts and appears over 25 times annually. His unique one-man comedy and music act has been entertaining islanders and tourists for more than 35 years.

Located right next to Chicken Patio on Delaware Avenue, The Bucket Shop and The Round House is a must-do on every visitor’s list. Enjoy a dinner of wine-basted chicken at Chicken Patio and head over for a night of celebration at the Round House. To be close to the downtown nightlife, the Put-in-Bay Resort is the island’s newest and largest hotel facility with a popular swim-up bar. Just a short walk to the Bucket shop! Stop by and don’t forget those souvenirs!