Antique Car Museum

Picture of Antique Car Museum979 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Antique Car Museum

Antique Car Museum Put-in-Bay – Founded By Charles “Skip” Duggan

The Put-in-Bay Antique Car Museum is located at Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center. This popular attraction features rare cars and is both free and spectacular! Vintage vehicles and roadsters have long been a part of Put-in-Bay. On just about any Sunday or holiday, over a hundred cars line up for the Put-in-Bay Antique Car Parade. Thanks to Charles “Skip” Duggan, this weekly car parade has thrilled hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years. An avid collector, Duggan created the Antique Car Museum to protect and preserve his collection. They are now shared with you to enjoy.

The Antique Car Museum Particular

From May to October seven days a week and on weekends the remainder of the year, the museum is free. While most other attractions at Perry’s Cave do require tickets, car aficionados can view this comprehensive collection without spending a nickel. The oldest automobile on the island is displayed here as well as rare Model T’s, gasoline station memorabilia, road signs, vintage snowmobiles, and period-correct memorabilia.  This is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with these stunning collector vehicles.

The Put-in-Bay Car Parade

Since the 1990s, car enthusiasts have paraded through the streets of South Bass Island on Sundays & holidays. The island antique car owners meet at the old Twine Shanty on Langram Rd. After a preparade party, they head into town around 2:00 pm. Vistors gather downtown on the sidewalks to get the best view of this spectacle. Children anxiously await candy tossed from a truck into the crowd.

Participants will enjoy an after-parade party hosted by one of the car owners or local Put-in-Bay Ohio businesses. This is a wonderful Put-in-Bay tradition. We remember and thank Skip Duggan for sharing his love of vintage cars and parades with the whole island!

Things To See And Do Around The Antique Car Museum

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is one of the best places on the island to let the family cut loose!! Families, couples, and friends visit this complex for everything from gemstone mining, cave tours to put-put golf.

They offer combo packages for their attractions as well as substantial group discounts. Individual tickets range between $8 – $10, so if you plan on seeing several attractions here, a combo package is the most affordable way to go. And remember, you don’t need a ticket to the Antique Car Museum!

Perry’s offers up fun with along with a dose of education. Just take the War of 18 Holes Mini-Golf Course. This lush course is landscaped with lush greenery and pretty flowers. Learn about the battles of the War of 1812 as players compete with each other.

Gemstone Mining offers kids first-hand experience in the actual mining of gemstones. Purchase the rough mix and wash water over the sand to discover actual fossils and gemstones. This is a glimpse into the unique ecological makeup of the island.

Be sure to make the trip underground to see Perry’s Cave. This incredible and beautiful limestone cave is quite impressive. General Perry discovered this cage in 1813. A rare lake full of freshwater was a lucky discovery, as his troops needed this amid the Battle of Lake Erie.

After visiting the Antique Car Museum, make sure to visit all the other fantastic attractions in the area like the South Bass Island State Park located across from Put-in-Bay’s only Golf course at Saunders Resort. After a round of golf, enjoy a round of beers at Joe’s Bar!